Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leaving On a Jet Plane...

We are leaving in the morning to go to Texas.
Houston to be exact.
I've flown in and out of Texas quite a few times, but I've never seen outside of the airport.
This should be fun.
I wonder if I can take home an armadillo as a souvenir?
I think that would be an interesting pet.
What are armadillos anyway?

Funning looking creature.

I'm hoping to see lots of cowboy hats and boots...not the kind of boots you see in SC (you know the ones the girls try to pair with a itty bitty skirt. Taylor swift style.). No I hope to see chaps, wranglers and boots with spurs on them! Open fields and wild horses too!!

I probably won't see any of that.

We're going to be staying in the suburbs and I'll be spending my time helping to paint a baby nursery.

Baby Bambino is on the way and Uncle Sev and Auntie Linds want to help prepare for the little rascal before it gets here.

That is why we're headed out to Texas!

I hope to take pictures and share them soon!!

Adios blog world!
I'm leaving on a jet plane, I'll blog when I get back again =)


Anonymous said...

One thing about Texas, even the State Troopers usually wear cowboy hats. Yeah being in the suburbs and the area around Houston you won't see as many as if you were out further from the city, but Texas is cowboy country!

Mrs. Mullen said...

Oh good! There is hope for me yet. I would love to see the country side of TX. I'm more of a wide open spaces kind of girl =)

JesseniaT_Or怡臻ndorf said...