Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Person I Am

Just some random rambling, if for no one else but me. Just to keep my fingers busy and my eyes open.
It is currently slow at work.
That happens from time to time (ya think!? how else do I blog, the little that I do) slow moments at work.
I. Hate. Them.
I'm too much of a day dreamer. If I can't stay busy, I start to day dream. It's not healthy, at least, it is not healthy when you're suppose to be focusing on work.

Therefore, if there is a dull in my work day, I'll start to day dream, if I start to day dream and suddenly there is something for me to focus on, it is hard for me to get out of the day dreaming daze! **sigh** I realize now that I'm not a very good desk sitting-office dwelling-phone answering-order placing-computer staring person, it's just not me.
BUT I don't know exactly what kind of person I am called to be...so office dwelling person I'll remain, until I figure out what kind of person I am. ha.


Sev and I planted a small garden, a little over a week ago.
We now have two tomato plants, one green pepper plant and one red pepper plant. We have room for a few more plants, but I can't decide what I want. I only want to plant what I know we'll use. I'm thinking, maybe, a strawberry plant.
I also planted some herbs; basil, dill, sage, chives, oregano, flat parsley, and cilantro...I ADORE cilantro. Sadly, I started the chives, oregano, flat parsley and cilantro from seeds and I heard (okay, my cousin actually informed me, after she laughed at me for not knowing) that if you're going to start from seed, you need to start earlier in the season...and start the seedlings indoors. We'll see how well my herbs grow...I have hot apple pie in the sky hopes! (I do not know where that came from, it's been years since I've heard that song...it's crazy how my mind works,lol)
I was also doing so well saving up for my compost! My only problem, I was doing great when it came to saving the scraps...just not so great at finding a compost bin...and you can't let fruit rinds and veggie clippings sit for very long before you get gnats! Therefore, all of my compost savings went directly into the garden. haha. Severyn put up a bit of a fuss, but then, when he realized there was no arguing with me, he just tilled the garden up...soil, fertilizer,fruit rinds, veggie clippings and all.
I looked out the window this morning, after we had a nice little rain last night, and thought someone had thrown toilet paper in my garden!...alas it was the corn husks that had come unearthed. **sigh** I should really save the gardening for someone else! I'm definitely NOT a garden person either.

I attempted this recipe last week.
A baked lemon pasta maker...I am NOT.
It did not turn out, whatsoever, as delicious as I had hoped.
Though, the recipe has received very high ratings...therefore, I think maybe it was just me and maybe the way I made the pasta, that turned out not so delish.
I was sad, I LOVE lemon! (just about as much as cilantro, possibly more). A cook, I'm not. A lemon lover I am!
I purchased this ring, in the below picture, over the weekend.
At first I thought it might be a bit too...I don't know...over the top.
I even had to ask Stephanie 3 (or 4...maybe 5) times "are you sure it's not too much?" before I would commit.
However, I must be a blingy-on-the-verge-of tacky ring wearing person...because I like it!
(note: the ring is actually prettier in person, I think anyways)

I am also addicted to Starbucks...yes, I'm definitely THAT kind of person. It's sad really, the level of my addiction, but everyone has a vice! I'm working on mine, promise! okay not really...but I've thought about it!!
So, there is a little bit of random information on the person I am =) Happy Tuesday!!


Meredith said...

I wondered and wondered about that pasta recipe the first time I saw it. I'm glad to read your review before making it!

I like your ring.

The Dales said...

I am so glad I let you buy that ring. It looks good on you. haha

Jackie said...

And I love the person that you are!

Anonymous said...
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