Friday, May 21, 2010

I am no food blogger...

Nor will I ever be.
Well, I've already stated that I can not cook.
I've also made it known that I'm horrible when it comes to picture taking....oh I can take pictures just fine, I just forget to upload and share them.
I tried to make this recipe for dinner two nights ago.
Here is why I could never make it as a food blogger.

First, I forgot to take a picture of all of the ingredients that went into making the meal. I had already begun cooking the chicken when I realized that first important I tried to hurry and catch up...

but how dumb and unorganized does that look?! **sigh**
Moving forward, I remembered to take a picture of the chicken during the cooking stage! But look at that chicken!! My chicken even looks yucky and all I've done is tossed it in a pan!

Then I tried to take pictures of the chicken as it was being cut into nice, thin, strips! However, someone (not naming names, but there are only two humans in my house and my arms are NOT that hairy!) kept stealing the chicken...

but then, even when I did get a picture of the chicken I had managed to cut...I realized that some things never change. Like the fact that I can-not-for-the-life-of-me cut meat! I can't do it. The night of my senior prom I actually had to have my best friend cut my steak for me, thankfully she and I had talked our dates into double dating, and she knew my lack of meat cutting skills. True story. I, obviously, still don't have the skill. My chicken just looks sad.

and the finished product!!!

Yeah, I forgot to take a picture of that....
it's why I'll never be a food blogger.
I skipped ahead and took a picture of the root beer floats we had for dessert instead...and even then I messed up the order of float making...I thought the ice cream went first. Sev informed me later that it goes in last, that is why I ended up with such a creamy mixture of foam. Whatever. The End.

PS. You may have noticed that the original recipe calls for GRILLED pineapple...don't judge me, okay, I'm trying!!


Jackie said...

So Now I know why my rootbeer floats turn out that way...Tell Sevy I said thanks for the info.

The Dales said...

I bet Sev has loved all this cooking you are doing! Way to take care of your man! :)

ps I need a root beer float now!

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol, yes AJ I guess I've been doing it wrong all along.
Steph, I hope you make yourself one and just remember soda before ice cream!!