Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I grew some herbs!

They may not be fit to eat once they reach full size, but I did it!!

I really didn't have much faith in myself.

I didn't have much hope in the herbs growing after I was informed that I had waited too late in the season to start them from seeds.

Then, after we had a huge rain storm, I walked outside and realized that my herb pots had been sitting too close to the house and the rain had run off of the roof and dumped right into my herbs, causing the soil and seeds to splatter all along the house siding. I scooped off the dirt, as best I could, and dumped it back into the containers. At that point, I had no hope left.

Though low and behold....look what I saw the other morning!

Those are chives you're looking at!! Baby chives! How cute are they?!

Well, at least I think they are chives, after the rain washed all of the soil and seeds onto the house, I really didn't know what was what after I scooped it up and tossed it haphazardly back into the pot. However, I'm fairly certain those are chives. I guess technically it could be parsley or oregano...technically...but who cares, I got herbs to grow!!

Is that not the cutest little parsley you have ever seen?

So far I have baby chives and baby parsley. Yesterday I looked and could actually see baby oregano poking out of the soil!

Below are my cilantro and dill plants!! I grew the cilantro from seed too. You're impressed, I know you are!!

The dill was already in plant form when I planted it, though I still have just as much love for it.

I'm a proud herb mamma.
Here we have basil and sage. How pretty are those babies??

I have absolutely no idea what to do with these herbs. We all know my cooking skills. I just wanted to see if I could grow them! and I did! I grew some herbs...and aren't they darling?!


The Dales said...

You can bring them to me, especially the basil! Thanks in advance! :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

haha-sure thing Steph! I'll try and bring you some asap.
I'm not entirely sure if you are just suppose to pluck the leaves or take a whole stem...but either way, I'll bring you some!

The Dales said...

you can just pluck the leaves for me!

Meredith said...

This what you need to do:

"The most important thing to know is that you want to pick off whole stems, not just leaves, for your basil to flourish! Also, the more frequently and further down the stem that you pick, the better. Look down one of your stems and you will see smaller leaves on either side of the stem. You should pinch your stem right above a set of those leaves. Those smaller leaves will become two new shoots where there was previously just one. And if you don't need your basil yet, I would still suggest pinching it back to encourage new growth. More divided stems! The more stems, the more basil! The more basil, the more pesto! you get my drift."

This is from prudentbaby.com.
Last year we just picked leaves at a time and we got long, leggy basil plants. Not a bad thing, just not as pretty or plentiful as it could be.

Mrs. Mullen said...

OH!! Thank you Mer!!
I don't know why I didn't think to ask you!! duh.
Very helpful and I love pesto!!...maybe I will try my hand at homemade pesto!!!....nah. Unless you know a really easy, fool proof, recipe for pesto Mer??
Steph, I'll bring you some basil soon =)

The Dales said...

pesto is very easy!


Keith said...

You need Vince's slap chop if you want easy pesto. Google it.