Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Eats

I can't cook worth a flip.
I can't.
It's just not in my genes.
I love to look at pretty pictures of foods.
I love to flip through cookbooks and read all about different dishes.
I even look at some blogs that talk all about cooking.
I'm just no good at it.
I've come to terms with that fact. I'm OKAY with it.
So, if you read a recipe on my site or see me writing about some meal I have prepared, take my words, opinions, reviews with a grain of salt.

I came home from work yesterday and realized that I had not planned for dinner, haha..I'm laughing because I actually NEVER plan for dinner. Dinner just sort of happens for us. One of us finally gets hungry and starts to cook something or we each grab a bowl and pour some cereal in it. I've tried to follow the whole "cook every meal in" thing...I've blogged about trying to cook more...I have good intentions, it just doesn't happen for me.
Last night was really no different.
However, last night I had some veggies that HAD to be cooked, they were looking a little limp.
So, for dinner, I chopped up some green peppers, red peppers, potatoes and onions. I happened to have some left over sausage that we grilled last week, I cut it up too! I threw it all in a pan and warmed it up. Then I transferred the pile of chopped up yumminess onto a plate and beat together a few eggs, with milk, I don't know why I put milk in with the eggs I've just heard somewhere along the way that you're suppose to do that. Then I poured the eggs into a pan, I let them cook for a second and then dumped the chopped up goodies on top. Then I sprinkled on some cheese.
I had every intention of folding the eggs over nicely and creating an omelet of sorts, only, my egg didn't fold. My egg kind of creased, cracked and crumbled. Whatever.
I threw it all on a plate and handed it to Sev.
He smiled. He ate. He smiled again.
He called it "a whole bunch of good stuff wrapped in an egg".
It was a hit!

Does anyone out there have any yummy omelet recipes they want to share??


Anonymous said...
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katie said...

I wish I loved omelets, but for some reason, I never got into them. However, yours sounds pretty tasty. And I wouldn't worry about the not being able to cook thing. I can't really do it either, but I just keep trying. I figure there are a few things out there we can all cook. i just keep cooking them...and trying to build up my recipe arsenal. We all have to start somewhere, right? :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

katie-thanks for the support...sadly, I have less than a few things that I can cook, lol.
No, really...I'm trying and I hope to get to a spot where I can cook up a few good eats one day =)