Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

Sev and I had a very nice mothers day weekend.
We spent Friday afternoon furniture shopping. We enjoyed dinner at the olive garden and then we came home and went to bed early.
We got up Saturday morning, before any normal person would willingly get up on a Saturday morning, and headed to the upstate.
We got to my parents house, after a quick stop at starbucks for me, just in time for Sev to hop in the car with my dad and take off to the lake for a day of fishing.
I can't stand fishing. It's too quiet of a sport. It's boring.
If I'm going to be out on a lake, strap me to a tube or ski's or a wake board...but pleasssse don't strap a fishing pole in my hands.
Something about waiting, quietly, for some slimy, bug eyed, scaly, fish to bite my hook...does nothing for me!
Now when I was younger, because I'm such a big daddy's girl, I would go fishing...JUST to spend time with my dad.
I hated every second of it, but I would go.
Strangely, the trips never lasted as long as the fishing trips dad took with my brother.
Our fishing trips typically went something like this: Dad would find himself unloading the boat by himself. 5 minutes after sitting quietly with our lines in the water, I would ask him a question "why is the sky blue?". He would tell me to "shhhhhhhush". 5 minutes later I would ask to go to the bathroom, dad would maneuver the boat to shore and try and hold the boat steady while I hopped out and "dad I can't find a good what if a snake bites is this poison ivy?". 5 minutes after we got back out onto the lake I would ask him a question "why is the water green?". He would tell me to "shhhhhhhhush". 5 minutes later I would tell him I was hungry. I would sit and poke at the can of vienna sausages that dad had just handed me. 5 minutes later I would tell dad I didn't like vienna sausages. He would say "shhhhhhush". 5 minutes later I would be watching the little fish swim to the surface to eat the vienna sausage pieces I had begun to toss into the lake. 5 minutes later I would ask dad a question "Why aren't the fish biting?". I would get another "shhhhush" sometimes he would throw in a "you're scaring the fish away!"...which was silly because there were still plenty of fish eating on the vieanna sausage pieces. 5 minutes later I would tell dad I needed to go the bathroom again. This was usually when we would head back to the dock and load up to go home.
I can't stand fishing.
Severyn loves to fish. So Saturday he and dad went fishing while I got to spend the whole day with my mom and grandma.
Sometimes even daddy's girls need there mommy days!
Mom and I had a blast, just hanging out and shopping, talking, laughing, driving, eating and talking some more. Never once did she tell me to "shhhhhush".
Fishing is so overrated.

We slept in on Sunday morning and then went to my church with my grandma. It's one of her favorite things, her kids and grandkids going to church with her. She loves to tell everyone that "these are my kids and these are my grandkids...well no, that one is my granddaughters husband, you know he spent two tours in Iraq, it's sad you know the country is in a bad shape. You know I watch the news every night and it's just bad. These are just half of my kids, the other ones are with their other family. I'll see them later today with my great grandkids. You know I have great grandkids! I worry about the bad shape the world will be in when my great grandkids grow up. Did you hear about.....". Thankfully, everyone at grandmas church is very patient and very sweet. They all appeared to be very interested in who grandma had brought to church and they all agreed that the world was in bad shape. They all looked shocked that grandma could have great grandkids and still look so young, and usually they had even heard about whatever it was grandma had asked them if they had heard about ;)
I'm also a pretty big grandma fan. I love that I still get to spend mothers day with two women in my life that helped make me the woman I am today.

I'm definitely blessed and thankful that God gave me the mom he gave me, I know he hand picked her just for me!
I'm a day late but Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there. I pray you had a wonderful weekend and I hope you got to spend it doing whatever it was you wanted to do....even if you spent if fishing (which I just don't know why you would, fishing is so overrated but whatever)!


Jackie said...

Excuse Me! What about wouldn't be the same if you hadn't have me to fuss at you..Especially about the Cheese Hot Dogs.
Love you silly girl!

Kennedi said...

Aren't mommys the greatest!!?! I remember similar fishing trips when I was young... funny how they went by so fast! :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

AJ-Oh yes, you too...def. you too =)
K-yep, I'm very happy to have my mom! I see a lot of my mom in myself the older I get.

Meredith said...

I had to laugh at your description of what grandma would say to someone. That is her! You got it perfect!

mom said...

Thanks for spending Mother's Day with me Lou. When I look at you now I know I did something right as a mother. Thanks for being my gift.
Love you lots,

mom said...

Thanks for spending Mother's Day with me Lou. When I look at you now I know I did something right as a mother. Thanks for being my gift.
Love you lots,