Monday, April 19, 2010

We Stuck Our Big Toe In...

and then proceeded to submerge our feet!

...then our legs

...and some, of the more daring, even submerged their entire body!

and it was COLD!!

However, after we lost feeling got used to the water temperature, it wasn't THAT bad. Honestly. Though we did get a few strange looks from river by-standers.
Here are pictures of Kennedi, Kyle and Matt on our way to the river. See the green tubes in the back? See the smile on their faces?....they know what fun is! .....or maybe they just really trusted me, and honestly believed me when I said "come on guys! It won't be THAT cold! Cross my heart!"

So, I might have to work a little bit harder for their trust in the future, but they all admitted to having a great time :-)
It took about 3 hours to float the river. We saw a few turtles and thankfully no snakes (perhaps they knew just how cold river water is in April!). The best part of the entire adventure was when we made it to our destination and climbed out onto the shore. I knew we were a site to be seen. I knew that before we were out of the water, the look on the faces of the by standers told me that. I just didn't realize the audience we would have when we finally made it to land. As we filed into a single line and began to walk up a steep flight of stairs to the parking lot, we heard music. We stumbled up the last part of the stairs, each of us dragging a large tube and a life vest, and found ourselves directly behind the back of a singer, performing in front of a fairly large crowd. Apparently, there was some sort of river festival going on. I think we ended up being one of the main attractions! All eyes were on us! We couldn't help but laugh and Kennedi even wished out loud that we "could at least be carrying something cool, like a kayak and not these crazy tubes!" as we made our way across the front of the audience and up the side walk to the truck.

We had a great weekend with our friends and like every weekend, it went by way too fast! It's back to a week full of unpacking and organizing for me. Sev and I did manage to find a good deal on a brand new washer and dryer on Sunday! We had a big day, we did some shopping at Lowe's and then made a quick stop by Sears, we even considered stopping by Home Depot but we opted out for lunch at Apple Bee's instead....we know what fun is!!! ......**sigh** when did I start sounding like my parents??


The Dales said...

You are so crazy! Reminds me of us riding up on that fancy party at the beach on our scooters. You always seem to get yourself (and the rest of the party) into some mess! :) Guess that's why I love ya!

Kennedi said...

Can I just say that picture of Kyle and I looks ridiculous! Please notice that both of our chins look crazy! May I also ask why there isn't a picture of your lovely face from that day? Or why we dind't even think to take pictures later that night after we actually had showers and makeup on? We are loons... but you are the looniest of all!