Wednesday, April 28, 2010

26 Years Old

I had a mole removed from my chin last Friday.
I actually took pictures and will share, once everything heals over.
I currently look like one of those kids that takes their hands off of the bicycle handlebars, yells "look at meeeee!!" and proceeds to face plant on the sidewalk. Not a cool look at 26 years old.

It's a pretty common known fact that I faint. I faint when getting my blood taken, I faint when I have to have any sort of surgery, shoot...I faint at company Christmas parties when someone is talking about their job as a kidney dialyses nurse. Another thing that is not cool at 26 years old!
While waiting on the doctor to come in and remove the mole on my chin, I was being prepped by the nurse and was given the run down on what to expect. I heard "needle" and "slight prick" and I thought "speak now or forever hold your peace Lindsey!". I mentioned that I was a little nervous about the needle part of the removal process. I casually admitted to sometimes fainting. I tried not to make it sound like a big deal, I just wanted to let her know. The nurse was very sweet, she finished answering my questions and getting me ready for the doctor. She then told me to "go ahead and lay on back honey, the doctor will be in shortly". Thinking this was common practice, I laid back, got comfortable and waited. The doctor walked in and said "oh, you can sit up, this is not a big deal, we can do this with you in the seated position." That's when the nurse leaned over towards the doctor, kind of shielded her mouth with her hand and whispered (loud enough for me to hear) "but.....she's a fainter!" **sigh** Then they both looked at me like I was that kind of girl...whatever that kind of girl is...and whatever it is, it's not cool to be one at 26! and I know this, because short of them both saying "well, bless her heart" I could tell they thought I was a 26 year old weenie.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. Dentists rank right up there with doctors, needles and things that make me faint. However, going to the dentist is just one of those things you know you have to I just do it.
The dentist informed me that I needed to have one of my fillings replaced. Then I heard him say the word "small needle, slight prick" and I thought "forever hold your peace Lindsey!!" I was NOT going to let the dentist think I was a weenie! Then he says "and I see here, on your chart, that you have a tendency to get squeamish around needles"...ugh. They have offered to give me nitrous when I go back. They don't want a 26 year old "fainter".

After my dentist appointment I ran to Plato's Closet. I have had a stack of clothes, riding around in the trunk of my car no less, waiting to be dropped off at a consignment store (I first typed convenient store...haha..."yes would you like these old, size 10, women's, shoes to go along with your gas purchase?" geesh...) for forever now! The girl behind the counter looked at me and informed me right away that they only accepted clothes that were less than 2 years old and from teenage clothing stores such as abercrombie and fitch, hollister, forever 21 and express. Well missy, I might be 26 but I still own clothes from some of those stores!! ha!...............
........She bought 3 pieces of my clothing...3 out of the over 30 pieces of clothing that I brought in.
Apparently, a 26 year old (that incidentally looks like she face planted off of her bicycle) is no longer "cool" when it comes to teenage fashion.

Hello, my name is Lindsey. I'm 26, do not have very good fashion sense and I'm a fainter.

but it's WEDNESDAY and we're only 2 days away from Friday!! and no matter how old you are, Fridays are soooo cool ;)


The Dales said...

HAHAHAHA! You crack me up, girl! I am sure that is what they would tell me about my clothes too..."No thanks, we don't take old, mommy clothes!"

Can't wait to see you Saturday! Maybe we can find some "cool" clothes to go see Carrie in, or maybe I don't care and I'll wear my mommy capris! HA!

Meredith said...

I'm wearing a cool shirt but mommy capris at this very moment!

Lindsey, you know I had two moles removed off my chin last year (or the year before??) and I was surprised how I didn't feel a thing after the shot for anesthesia. What about you?

The Dales said...

Meredith, I would argue your shirt is not "cool," unless you started shopping at A&E or A&F...Anne Taylor isn't considered "cool" ya know! By Plato's closet, not by my standards...just saying.

Mrs. Mullen said...

hehe...yes Steph we should find something "cool" to wear to the concert, but I wouldn't put much hope into me finding us anything "cool", so I'll leave that to you! ha.

Mer-actually, it did not hurt at first but then after the doctor said he was finished and I sat up, he looked at it some more and decided he wanted to cut a little more and then it DID hurt...I guess the numbness had worn off...ouch!! Though, it was interesting knowing that they were cutting on my face and I really couldn't feel much...that didn't stop me from holding my breath and feeling like I was going to faint though, I'm a weenie!! I just wish that I could put makeup over the spot while it heals, I really feel silly with a scab on my chin :(

Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

You can blame that fainting business on your momma. When she came to see me in the hospital after Meredith was born she fainted while I was telling her about the birth. I am surprised she even had you and Chris.

Anonymous said...

Lol, this is so funny. you are cool. there are some people who probably cant see that.. I know at platos closet is really a hit or miss.. depending on there stock and based on how much they have in the store they could be really day i brought in a bag of clothing and they only took one item because the name brand items were "to plain". and i asked the buyer what was up and she told me that they were looking for certain items because there store was full so my clothing had to speak out (yell out at them)lol... so i took them to a bigger platos and they took most of my clothing....the day was save.....some stores are pickier than others..
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