Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can. Not. Find. A Thing!!

because we are currently, really, living out of boxes!

I thought that I couldn't find anything when we packed our stuff and put most of it into storage...but now, I really can hardly find a thing.

Sev and I began our move on Friday afternoon. On Friday morning, I was sick and ended up having to go the doctor so on Friday afternoon, Matt and Sev handled as much moving as they could.
They were able to get the master bedroom furniture in the new house along with a couple of boxes. On Saturday morning I was still not feeling well, but I had my hair straightening appointment that I refused to miss! (remember, my hair was SCARY!! well, that and I knew it would be way to difficult to try and I just sucked it up and went). I got to my appointment at 10am....I left there sometime between 5 and 6pm!!!! Not only was I tired of sitting by that point, but I was feeling pretty puney.
I left, with head full of straight hair, and met Sev, Matt and my mom at the new house. My mother, bless her sweet heart, had already started cleaning! It is times like these when I wonder how children grow up without a mom. Mom cleaned, I unpacked boxes and the boys worked on building the storage shed out back. Finally, my body had had enough. Mom and I went to get dinner while the boys went to get the spare bedroom furniture from Matt's house (wow, that sounds weird to me..."Matt's house"). By the time mom and I got back from eating, the boys had already put the spare bedroom furniture together. I tried to dig through some boxes to find sheets and blankets. I managed to find two sets of sheets, for each bed and a handful of pillows. I could only find two small lap blankets for the spare bed and I did find the comforter for the master bedroom. Matt went home and Sev, Mom and I fell asleep fairly quickly. Mom insisted on letting Ali sleep at the foot of her bed, so we allowed him to sleep there. I'm pretty sure she was rethinking that decision when Ali decided that he wanted to bark at every little, strange, new house, noise! Mom was a trooper though and she was up and at em' early on Sunday. She rounded the troops, gave orders and we all got to work!
She and I unpacked, hung pictures, cleaned, got two car loads of stuff from Matt's house, furniture shopped, unpacked, and cleaned some more. The boys helped get the big furniture items moved and set up, but for the most part they worked on the storage shed.

Mom left last night at 9pm. I left Matt's house with one last car load at 10pm. Sev and I dug through some boxes for our pj's, shower supplies, and alarm clocks. We were fast asleep by midnight.

This morning I woke up in a new house, I dug through a box at the foot of our bed for something to wear to work and I headed to work...I found out that I am about 5 minutes closer to work, that moving is not much fun and that moms really are hero's in disguise!


Jackie said...

That's what we tried to tell you when you were young but you would have none of that. All kidding aside i am glad you are in and your mom could help ya. While you guys were working hard, I was enjoying the most absolutely beautiful nature God has created at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. I attended a wedding there this weekend. Invite me to your new house, i would love to see it. Love you, AJ

The Dales said...

Can't WAIT to see your new place in a few weeks! I love new places so I can redecorate and move things around but man the packing and moving and unpacking is for the birds! Glad your sweet momma was there to help. Mommas always are good to have around!

Jonathan said...


Jackie said...

So much for the rest of your birthday present big boy!!

Mrs. Mullen said...

...I'm confused ?

and YES I get confused very easily, lol.

mom said...

Believe it or not I really enjoyed helping you with the move. Thanks for the sweet comments. AND remember that I told you that having a child is for life not just 18 years.LOL
Wouldn't trade it for the world.
All my love,

Jonathan said...

Come on Jackie, I'm sorry. I was just kidding, you know I love you!

Jackie said...

Jonathan was cracking on us mothers that like helping our children when they need us. He is in trouble now though.

P.S. See he is trying to get out of the doghouse now. Of course I know he was just trying to aggravate me. I love him too.

Mrs. Mullen said...

ohhhhhhhhh thanks for clearing that up AJ :)
and you know you're welcome to visit us any time!!!!!!

just bring gardening gloves, cleaning supplies and decorations you think I would like ;) j/k

Anonymous said...