Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Days of the Week

I'm so glad Monday is over.
I HATE Mondays.
I'm usually a little bit sad when Sunday comes around, because I know I'm that much closer to Monday.
Today is Tuesday, and while it's still a good ways away from Friday, it's still not Monday!

Am I the only one that hates Mondays?

Oh, I try to remain positive when Monday comes around. I try to remind myself that I'm thankful for a good job to wake up to. I try and tell myself that this Monday is going to be different and I'm going to have the best week...EVER! It hardly ever works. Mondays stink!

However, today is Tuesday, so I'll stop whining about Mondays! Tuesday means I only have 4 more days until the weekend. This weekend we are going to a concert (Sevs first ever concert). Steph and Jon are coming to spend the weekend with us and attend the concert with us. We're going to see Carrie Underwood. Severyn has had a crush on her since before I can remember. I'm excited to enjoy this coming weekend!
but it's still 4 days away, today is only Tuesday and Tuesdays are only one day away from being as bad as Mondays!

Can anyone tell, I live for the weekends??

Last weekend we celebrated my brothers birthday with a camping trip. If you want to see pictures of the camping trip my family took, you'll have to visit my cousins blog. Steph is the only one that took any pictures last weekend. I didn't pull my camera out for numerous reason. I was busy riding all day Saturday and there is something very difficult about riding and taking pictures. Then I spent the better part of Saturday evening under a tarp, trying to stay dry, and not feeling all that glamorous or picture worthy. Regardless of the lack of pictures, we had a great time. My only complaint, Monday came way to quickly!!

I hope everyone has a great week! Tomorrow is Wednesday and Wednesdays mean we're half way to the weekend!! and I LOVE weekends :)


Meredith said...

dude, weekends are my life.

my 7th grade science teacher had the cutest Peanuts poster and it said, "school is just a place to rest between weekends." i always loved that!

The Dales said...

I actually enjoy the week but I do love the weekends best! We can't wait to see you guys this weekend but I don't think I'll be riding at CAW! :)