Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Dreaming...

I do that. A lot.

Day dream.

I used to get in trouble for it in college. Wait. I still get in trouble for it at work! I suppose some things will never change.

This is just a random post. why? because I haven't posted in a few days...mainly because I lead a really boring life and I've already blogged enough about all of the packing/unpacking that is my current life.

I wore capri pants to work today. BIG mistake! Not only am I so white that it looks like I have on white stockings...but I just went to scratch my ankle and realized, I really need to shave! really. I'm so bad about remembering to shave in the winter (**gasp** did I just admit that?) No, I'm not a hippy, tree hugger...I'm lazy. Honestly, just lazy.
So, while I really need to work on getting a tan and stop being so lazy, I'm still REALLY enjoying this spring weather!! I really believe that the weather can make a persons mood. I'm typically, deliriously happy in the spring. Plus, tulips bloom in the spring, and tulips make me happy.

Maybe my mood is elevated even higher by the fact that it's Friday! Lately, I feel as if, I'm living for Fridays.
This weekend, Sevy and I, have two of our best friends coming into town. We love getting to spend time with Kennedi and Kyle. They have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon, here in Columbia, so they are spending the rest of the weekend with us! We have tentative plans to float down the Congaree river. Please note I said "tentative" we may get out there, put our big toe in the water, chicken out, toss the "floating down the river" idea to the side, go home and be lazy! It's how we roll ;-) (okay, I've just really been wanting to say that, lol).

I really want to plant a small garden this year. I realize it's getting later into the "planting season" but I think Sev and I are going to attempt a small garden as soon as possible. I'm really craving some fresh veggies, herbs and maybe some fruit! I've done a little bit of research and I'm even considering starting my own little compost pile, we'll see how far my idea goes. I'm GREAT at planning things, even better at starting things.....I'm just not so good at finishing things. It's how I roll. (okay, I'll stop that now).

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
I found my camera last night and I'm really planning on taking pictures of the new place and posting them soon!! I know I say "I'm posting pictures soon!" all of the time, but really I have every intention to do's just, well, read above paragraph. Again, it's how I roll (okay, I lied).

Happy Friday!!


Meredith said...

Hey Linds, you should definitely do it, even if it's just a container garden. And composting is much easier than it sounds when you start reading up on it. Our is good and steamy right now!

If the river is too cold, you should go to Congaree National Park. Remember when we went as kids? I remember so little of it and wish I could go back, but it's not like Columbia is really in our travel patterns.

mom said...

Get those tomato plants in the ground girl or it will be to late.
Love ya

Kelly Kathryn Gukanovich said...

I MISS YOU! EMAIL ME AND UPDATE ME :-) I wrote a new post for you :-)