Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Home, An Update, And Allergies!

Gosh time sure does fly!

I just realized that I have yet to come on here and post about Sev and I finding a new place to call home!!
Well we did. We found a place and we move this coming weekend.
We are excited and stressed...as with any move.

We are downsizing, not by choice but by "we finally found something we both like, can afford and it happens to be small!!"....like really small. However, I told Sev, I think I can be a minimalist for a year or two. I like this place that much. We'll see just how well I can put my organizational skills to use! I'm going to have to make the most out of every space. I'm sure this will bring posts along the way!
I'm also relieved that our house search is over! For a year or two...I can't stay in one place long :)

After our house sold, Sev and I talked and, we decided to rent. It just made more sense. We don't want to be in Columbia any longer than we have to. We want to have the ability/flexibility to get the heck out of dodge move as soon as Sev completes his degree.
What we didn't expect was how expensive it is to rent in Columbia! Geesh! Therefore, we took forever and a year to finally find a place we loved and could see spending he next year or two of our lives.

We fell in love with a little area in Columbia, called Shandon. It is the oldest and most historic neighborhood in Cola. The streets are lined with huge trees. The majority of the houses are brick, small and surrounded by flower beds. Every afternoon the side walks are filled with people walking their dogs. It's and old neighborhood, but it has charm! I could see the potential and I immediately made it my mission to call that neighborhood home! I'm so excited to decorate, organize, call this place home and have friends and family come visit!

Sev and I spent last weekend in the upstate. We had a wonderful Easter! We got to see my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew. I adore my nephew. He is loads of fun and I treasure the times we get to see him. I met him when he was 2, and like all kids, he grows so fast! He is already 10, in the 4th grade and "almost as tall as you aunt linds!" (quoting him). He rides dirt bikes so we spent time talking about dirt bikes. He loves reptiles so we spent time drawing pictures of lizards, and naming his latest rubber lizard "taco". We looked for turtles in the pond, fed the horses carrots, had a scavenger hunt for his Easter basket, and he and I rode in the "trunk" of my mother-in-law's suv, on the curvy road to Saluda, NC....he thought that was just AWESOME!....I thought the ride would never end and got car sick! LoL.
In a nutshell, we had fun and I can't wait to see he, his mom and dad again! Hopefully soon, Sev and I are trying to plan a trip to MT, in the upcoming year, to visit them.
On Easter Sunday we got to enjoy lunch with my side of the family, at my grandmas house. I LOVE my grandmas cooking. This year I loved my cousins keylime pie too!...which I cut a big piece of to take home...and then left it at my grandmas! Ugh.
I also got to spend time with the sweet baby boys in our family. This year I even found it in me to share an Easter egg! This is rare, as I'm known for stealing the eggs...not sharing them. Can you see the egg I shared??

I was sad when our weekend came to an end, but happy that it was spent with family!!


Columbia is currently a sea of yellow. My black car looks yellow, the grey roads look yellow, the blue sky looks yellow...pretty much any surface, on any item, that goes outside, for any length of time...is yellow!!!! I don't believe I've ever seen pollen this bad!! It is EVERYWHERE!! and it is giving me one heck of an allergy attack! Bring on the rain!!!

That is all on allergies...I just thought it was necessary to post about the pollen, since it seems to be all that I can sneeze think about these past couple of days.


Meredith said...

I'm so thankful pollen doesn't affect me, because it is so dang thick in the air. You can see it hanging. Yuck.

I'm thrilled about your new place and hope to see pictures!

Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

I think we all had a great time at grandma's.

Kennedi said...

Yay! We are coming to see the new place next weekend!!! :) I'm so excited and Chloe will once again be united with her love! We need to get some pictures of them while we are there!