Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The couch has been taken over...

by sevy napping...so I'm sitting on the living room floor with a few minutes to spare :)

Not much is new. Sev started back to work monday :( While sad...and HARD to wake up at 5am...he has been getting off early, so it isnt all that bad. We're excited about his ETS ordrers being prepared. I can't WAIT until we have those papers in our hands and the date of his departure from THE ARMY!! Yipeeeee.

The 13th of December is our Army Ball. We couldnt decide if we wanted to go...but we decided it will be our last one and it would be nice to get dressed up together and hang out with our friends in downtown Waikiki for a night. So I'm shoe shopping :)
Our good friend JD just got his date to leave the army...he was deployed to Iraq the first time Sev was however his deployment was cut short when his Humvee flipped over and landed on top of him. He tried to finish his time out in the Army but his back is really messed up and so ultimately he was forced to get Medically discharged...he completed a bunch of paperwork and ended up getting the military to "retire" him from the Army instead of discharging him...therefore for the rest of his life he gets medical insurance and monthly check of 1200.00. His retirement party is Saturday, lol...24 years old and retired. He will be returning to Oregon to move into his newly purchased house with his wife and son...sev and I are planning on staying with them a few days before we head to MT. and then flying home for good.

Well....the boy just woke up.........gotta run!!!
Happy Tuesday :)


Autumn said...

I miss you! :(

I want to come to Hawaii!!

Delighted* said...

Your couch has been taken over by Sev, ours has been taken over by a furry little ewok looking dog that thinks he is a cat. What dogs curls up on the back of the soffa? I hope you know how to retrain a dog.