Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wowie Maui

So Sevs parents left Sunday evening. We had a nice little visit and vaca on Maui.

I tend to always be the one behind the camera...therefore there are hardly any pictures of me (although Sue has some on her camera). Here are just a few pictures I snapped this past week...I'll share more later, but this turn thing takes forever to download pics!!

On our first full day in Maui we traveled to the SE side of the island and hiked Mt. Halekala, it's the highest point on Maui, 10,000 feet above sea level. It was rather cloudy when we first started out...so the pictures appear a bit blurry...but it was so neat!! It was actually a bit hard breathing while on this hike...the air was so thin!! It began to clear as we made the hike down and wow God is creative a master artist!!

Sevy stopped to pick me flowers on the way :) He's a sweetie!!:

Here Sev and his dad stand at the top of the mtn. if you look closely behind the clouds you can actually see molokai and lani:
We're descending down now and the clouds are lifting!! Look at those mountain tops!!:
Pretty pretty flower:
This was actually taken on Oahu...we took a small hike up the Pali Hwy lookout...I have no idea what sev is doing!!:

"Remember the Nows, Think often of the Whens, But don't get carried away in the Could Have Beens."


So I wrote that a few years back...in some creative writing class at SMC. It's the only "poem" I remember, maybe because I think alot about what it means to me. I love my memory...its a Gift from God. I love thinking about the fun, funny and memoriable things in my past. Everything that happened to me made me who I am today, and its so neat to see the puzzle (my life) fit itself together and create what I've turned out to be (not yet complete).

Its neat knowing that God has a plan for me...and although I choose what path I take, he already knows what I'm going to choose and he already knows the outcome and the reason behind it...makes me sorta feel safe.

okay....I've got to run...we're off to see a movie and sev is fussing that we're going to be late!!!

more pictures later :)


Autumn said...

It's about time you posted! I was about to email you yesterday and say ok missy, let's get to it! :) Those are some beautiful pictures...I'm so jealous! I wish Lex and I could come out after Christmas, but it's probably not going to happen. I'm trying to make wise financial decisions and not do whatever feels good! Technically I can afford it, but that doesn't mean I should spend the money that way. I hate being an adult sometimes! :) Love you bunches!

Haley said...

Glad y'all had fun in Maui. I have been anxious to see the pics!

Jackie said...

Did you guys drive the Road to Hana? Glad you had a good time with his parents. Luv JM

Keith said...

Ohhhhh I love Maui and would jump on a plane right now if I could. (This is Moo, btw.)