Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Update

Our internet has been acting up lately...so finally today Sev took our equipment back to time warner and got all new gadgets...and ta da it Works!!! For now...we'll keep our fingers crossed.

soooo we've really just been spending alot of time together...its great having him home I STILL cant get over the fact that he's home FOR GOOD!! I find myself waking up in the middle of the night some nights and looking at him and pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming....b/c not that long ago it was just a dream.
Yesterday we had a BLAST with friends. We went wake boarding!!
I just recently learned how to wake board this past summer. My good friend Kyle Christopher and his brother purchased a ski boat and so this past summer found me on Lake Wylie with the boys learning to wake board...almost every weekend I would leave right after work and head to Rock Hill...practice makes perfect!!
So when one of sevs friends asked if we wanted to wake board I was excited to show off my new found talent...hehe.
So yesterday we got up around 8am grabbed Rickey and Mosher from the walmart parking lot where we met and headed to Kaneohe Bay to meet up with the captain of the boat, Jason. We were out on the water alllllllll day yesterday....Jason and I ended up being the only two that could get up on the board...so he and I were wake boarded out by the end of the day....the other two boys were able to ski...and bless sevs heart as hard as he tried he couldnt get up on anything, we decided it was because he was left handed and probably left footed....or.....thats the excuse we gave him anyways.
This morning I woke up and could literally NOT MOVE...every single muscle in my body ached....I felt like a truck had run me over...backed up and run over me AGAIN....so I've been laying around allllllllll day moaning and whining.....I did get up to make sevy lunch and dinner...but thats it.....curled up on the sofa with a book pretty much made my day.
We really did have fun though...we saw sea turtles and shark!! Hammer heads to be exact, they were actually jumping out of the water while we were skiing...I was a bit freaked out at first, but from everything I've read and heard...hammerheads have small mouths and rarely attack and if they do its not bad. I have to admit that falling in salt water compared to lake water...sucks.....i think i was spitting salt water all night last night!!

Oh, so sev is flying again :) He is soooo happy. He is actually sitting on the sofa now reading up on his flight books. I'm happy for him.
This weekend sev is scheduled to fly and then we're headed back to the bay to kayak...then its back to work for sev :( I'm sad...but I know that he wont be working much until christmas and then after christmas we'll be getting ready to go BACK TO SC, yipeeeeee!!!!! We're both praying for SNOW!!!!!!

Last week we heard the sad news about the death of one of the soldiers that was deployed with Sev. He was home on leave and was showing his wife and friends gun safety....but forgot himself to clear the chamber of the gun before he put it to his neck and pulled the trigger. Its sad and heartbreaking.....and ironic.
I know his wife...she and I had a bit of a rocky start but I know she adored her husband and I can only imagine her heartache...keep her in your prayers (Maureen).

Life is short...so have fun :)
Until next time ALOHA.

ps. I'll post pictures of the boat activities later, whenever the guys email me their pics :)


Autumn said...

It's about time you posted!!! This is the only way I have to stay in touch with you, have I told you lately how much I miss you! Hurry up and come home. I know you are coming as fast as you can, but I wish you were here now!! Ok, I'll stop being selfish...but we really do miss you. Alexa is getting so big and you're missing it. I'm glad you are having a good time. We love you bunches, be safe. Oh and most importanly have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Make sure you post again soon, I really enjoy reading your posts! Love ya!

Jackie said...

I am glad you are enjoying your sweet Sev. Can't wait to see you in January. Love ya JM