Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday...

Why exactly is it called " Black Friday"...I'm sure there is a good reason, but I've never heard the reason why.

Our Thanksgiving was nice. We left our house around 12pm and made our way through holiday traffic to the caldera's house. Sev and I brought pineapple casserole, rolls and a pie. The house was packed with food!! I'm thankful that for every year of my life someone else has cooked the turkey...b/c I have NO clue how you would even begin that process!!

It was nice being around friends...we missed our family, but having friends helped to make the holidays feel festive. After lunch/dinner we headed outside for a friendly game of football...I say friendly even though my husband managed to knock me flying to the ground resulting in nice grass stains on both my knees. We laughed and sweated and enjoyed the nice weather together :) After (coughmyteamwoncough) we went inside for desserts and a game of scatagories...sev and I decided to team up...I think he just wanted to win for a change.....and we won every single round we played. Around 9pm we decided to head home and leave our friends to continue playing and allow someone else to win :)

I really missed my family and our traditional thanksgiving meal at grandmas...but I must admit that I enjoy sharing the holiday in a different way occasionally.

Today was the Hawaii vs. Boise game...HU won!!! Sev and I watched the game here at home via ESPN b/c by the time we decided to look at tickets they were out the roof!!! We used my 12x zoom to look at the game from the lani but we couldnt see actual plays, so we decided to go back to the tv for the game and during half time we sat on the lani and watched the fireworks :)

I got to talk to my daddy for a bit today...with the time difference and a weird schedule I dont get to talk to family much, but today we got to chat for a bit and that was and I are alot alike and sometimes I like that and sometimes we argue because of it...either way I'm glad I got my dads way of thinking!! Anyways...because of that I started thinking about how much I am just like my parents!!!! I sound JUST LIKE my mom!! Half the time I say stuff to severyn and he SWEARS I made up the words and I have to call mom to varify b/c honestly I dont know if they are made up or not...b/c shes the one that always said them while I was growing up. I also have my moms scares me sometimes when I'm doing dishes or folding laundry I word these are my moms hands!!! I just hope I have her I think chris got that. I also have my moms hard headedness and stubborness...and she got that from my least I know what I have to look forward to...........I told sev today that I would understand if he ran far far away once I hid my mid-life crisis!! hehehe!!
But really....genes are amazing, I guess its one neat thing about having a little rugrat.

Oh...I've decided to go back to school, I've been thinking about it for some time now and I've decided I really miss learning!! I miss my lecture once we get back to SC and settled in I'm going to start looking into going back for my masters.

Well...sev and I hit the gym and we're hitting the couch for the night :)

I'm late but I wouldnt be Lindsey if I werent so,:



Autumn said...

I would just like to say that you are a nut! Seriously though, we love you and miss you. Hope to see you soon! :) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving...ours was good...pretty much uneventful, but a good time with family. Love ya!

Keith said...

First, let me throw some knowledge to you on why it is called "Black Friday". You see it is all because of a little boy named Little Black Sambo who ate so much pineapple casserole at his wife's grandmother's that he exploded and died the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, sad and untrue. It is called "Black Friday" because the stores profits go from red to black.

Second, I'm not sure if you know we are doing a gift exchange for Christmas. I understand you have Meredith and I can tell you she really would like to just keep Ali as her present so you don't have to purchase anything at all.

You furry friend is doing well and loved the turkey and dressing that Jackie fed him at Grandma's.

Be safe.

Your cousin's husband
(The small normal one)

The Dale's said...

KEITH! My husband is NORMAL!
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Glad you had a good holiday, see you after the new year!!!

mom said...

Glad you both enjoyed the holiday. We sure did miss your happy voices and sweet faces. BTW you do not have my hands as yours are very small and dainty and mine are big knuckeled and well not so dainty. Anyway I am sure glad you got my facial features as you are as beautiful as your mother. HEE HEE
And to add to Keith's reasoning behind this black friday meaning. I also think it is because some girl read little black sambo to her family members on thanksgiving until they begged her to stop but she didn't of course and they all died of aggravation and were buried on friday. Ha Ha but Keith is right about the money thing so now you know!!!
Love, mom