Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Lions for Lambs

We just got back from seeing this movie and I LOVED it!! Sev wasn't all that impressed. He said it was okay but I actually cried...and I don't cry for ANY movies (right mom?? hehe). I dont know how to put into words exactly why I liked this movie...and I'm sure some people will think its a bit bland...but man, it left me thinking. I will totally buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. If you do get a chance to view this movie...let me know what you think, k?!
I think it addressed so many issues and touched a bit on both sides of the fence.

Dad and I have had the "should we be at war or not" conversation/debate a few times...and we've addressed lots of issues that the characters bring up in the movie.

Blah...chores....I'll write more later.

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