Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wow, I'm bad at this!!!

I was all about getting back on this blog stuff...and look...months have slipped by AGAIN! BUT I have an excuse (dont we all) I've been BUSY BUSY!! My last day of work just marked my first day of crazy housecleaning, SC goodbyes, HI Hellos, moves, house hunting, home making, and most importantly Welcoming Sevy Home!!!!

He arrived home October 11th at 6:30am :) Oh happy dayyyyy!!!

I arrived in HI on Aug 24th. We thought sev would be here mid September...I dont know WHY we expected anything to go as planned?? It NEVER does with the Army. I was here OVER a month and a half before he got here!!! Soooo much went on!!! I spent many nights on many different couches and lugged my two suitcases and a few boxes around like a hobo. My car gave me trouble when I first arrived. The passenger door was broken, the airconditioning quit on me and the check engine light was on, I had a leak in the master cylindor for my breaks....the tags were expired, the safety inspection was expired AND my post decals were expired.....BUT The thing had WHEELS!!! So I prayed alot, cursed a little and managed to pull it all together and get things taken care of!!! I spent the better part of a day under the hood of my car with a local HI dude...whom I understood maybe half of what he was saying...between english and pigeon (hawaiian language)...we managed to get the air flowing :) I bullied the Army a bit and got them to pay for my broken door handle and taught myself how to check to see if I had break fluid and a clean air filter.
You never really know the strengths you possess until you have no one but yourself to rely on...I LOVE that feeling!!! I'm so stubborn and hardheaded....bless my mom.

Severyns sleep pattern has been all kinds of crazy...therefore...MY sleep has been crazy. He has so much energy when I have none and when I'm finally up and going he can barely keep his eyes open and walk straight.

It has been sooooooooo much fun getting to know each other a way it felt like nothing had changed we fell right back into the way things were before he left...but of course being apart for over a year, things HAVE changed and we're adjusting. Its taking me a bit to understand it DOESNT matter if the bed is made perfectly, if the dishes are loaded exactly the way I load them and if things are organized in the fridge. It blows my mind when my phone rings and the caller ID says "Sev" and he says "call me back"....that is something I still havent gotten over. I still freak when my phone isnt attached to me...hopefully I'll get over that feeling soon, because I HATE THE PHONE!!

He is going flying this weekend, I love it when he flys. He honestly looks like a kid on christmas morning. He gets his goofy little grin and his eyes are all sparkly...the boy literally lives for flying and seeing him happy really does make my heart flutter. Dad says I'm "grounded" so I'm not sure when I'll make a trip up with him...we'll let him get a few hrs in and my stomache prepared (I get air sick!!)....and then I'll go up, I hope to before we leave Hawaii, you can only imagine how beautiful it is flying around the island!! We really have been blessed to be able to live here for the time we have...we're ready to get back on the mainland, but Hawaii will always be a special place for us and we've really enjoyed it...not to mention learned ALOT!!

There is so much I could go on and on about....I really should post pictures....this site is so boring. Sev is currently taking a nap, and by the sounds of his snores I might have another hr to get things I'll work on the pictures soon...for now I'm off to make Fish TAcos, yum yum!! Until then...I WILL do better with my blogging!!!


mom said...

You were always the determined one Lindsey. No stopping you from what you wanted.That is a great quality you possess. We miss you and Sev very much. Please come home soon. Love you lots MOM or WOW.
PS I bet you are surprised at me knowing how to leave a comment huh?
Well I might have had help but I didn't.

dcchristo said...

Hi Linds, Glad to know Sev is back safe and to hear the contentment in your voice (or through the typing of your fingers :) lol). Can't wait to see you again once you are back in SC! Diane

Meredith said...

I love you sweet cuz, and we all can't wait for you and Sev to get home.
I know what you mean about not knowing the strength you possess until you're all you've got! I went through that when I lived in Raleigh, and it's that stuff that really turns us into adults.
"What? I have no medical insurance? You mean my Daddy doesn't cover me anymore?"
"What? My car is going to be in the shop for a month and I don't have an extra car at Mom and Dad's? I have to rent a car? Huh? How does that work?"
"I have to get my oil checked? Really? Oh, and I need a car inspection? Well, we didn't have that in SC. Where do I go for that?"