Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it really Monday already??

So the weekend went quickly. It was pretty uneventful actually.

Friday night Sev and I ate dinner at Chilis with Chad...Chad lives in a house in Waikili with two other guys (Mark and Rickey) and Marks Girlfriend (Mel). We decided to walk from the house to its only a few blocks away, and HEY FREE excercise :) On the way there we took the longggg way by accident so we were pretty much starving by the time we got there!! On the way back we took sidewalks, fence climbing, bush jumping way...interesting but quicker!
We then played pictionary, taboo and some trivia game that I quit on b/c I was HORRIBLE!!
Saturday we woke up and Sev left to pick Chad up for the gym, I stayed home to wait on JD to get here (he was going to watch the game here at the house while sev and I were at the gym). After I let him in I left for the gym...had a nice workout and then went grocery shopping for Enchilada ingredients :) I called the boys when I arrived back at the apartment and had them help me haul the groceries up. I was barely in the door when they began complaining that they were before I sat down or even took a nice shower...I made enchiladas.
It was another friend of ours Birthday. So we got ready and went down in to Waikiki to have a birthday night out on the town with him!! It was alot of fun...parking in Waikiki is horendous, we usually park in a military parking lot next to the Hilton Hotel and walk however many blocks to whatever bar we're going to. So Saturday night was no different. We did a bit of two stepping at the only country bar in Honolulu and a bit of booty dancing at another bar close by. It was nice being out with Sev and all of his friends...its been awhile since I've gone out and I really had fun watching the boys puff up and act tough around the girls, lol.
On our way out of the last bar we ran into Tim Chapman...who??...Yeah, not that big of a deal, but cool anyways, he is DOG the Bounty Hunters Brother...if you watch the show (as often as sev insists on watching it!!) then you know who I am talking about. I shook his hand and told him it was nice to meet him and it was only until I was walking away that it hit me that I didnt even tell him my name, so technically...we didnt meet, lol....or did we, how exactly does that work??
We came back home and crashed...what a fun night!!
The next morning I woke up and cooked the boys breakfast...(Jd has been staying with us every couple of nights, between here and another set of friends, b/c he is currently between places). So after a plate of eggs bacon and toast we said adios to Jd and then Sev and I curled up on the couch and watch Friday Night Lights ALLLLLLLLLLLL day....thats it!! Between a few loads of laundry...that was our day!! It was so nice just laying around in sweats and being lazy together! Around 6pm Christopher called and we had a nice hour long convo. with him. It wasnt as nice as a visit would be...but talking to him for a bit on the phone wasnt bad. It's nice catching up on occasion. While Sev talked to him for a bit I made homemade hawaiian pizza!!!!! Just think....hand tossed dough, fresh cheese, turkey bacon(b/c i've quit red meat, lol) and FRESH DOLE pineapple!!! While it baked I talked to chris and then Sev and I enjoyed our pizza while sharing chris on speakerphone. It was kind of like having him for dinner....only a ocean and 49 states apart!

Today starts our week!! Sev is on his way home with Chad and the three of us are headed to the gym. Then I realllllllllly want sev to take me on a drive around the island so I can capture some awesome photos....we have three new cameras that I'm itching to look through the lenses of!! Sev allowed me to purchase a sweet little digital 12x optical zoom back when he was extended and I wanted a new camera. Then for my birthday he got me a tiny pocket camera for those quick snap moments when I dont want to lug the big one out. Then when he redeployed he somehow ended up with a brand new Nikon D50!!!!! He thinks it was purchased by his 1sgt for the arms room...but when he went to do his 100% (which is basically he accounts for all the equipment he is suppose to have, part of his arms room job) the camera was not listed and when he asked about it no one knew where it had come he brought it back in his stuff and I'm taking ownership of it until someone claims it!! WooHoo!!

So...Have a wonderful week everyone, and hopefully I'll post pics soon!!!!


mom said...

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. We still miss you though. Your brother really misses you both. I know because he tells me so. Keep giving the good advice, it may sink in one day. You never know. Be sweet and come home. We love you. Mom

Ron & Anne said...

Sounds like your having a good time out there. Be safe, dad

Autumn said...

You are so freaking hilarious! I love it! :) There are two things I must comment about first...when you said "bootie dancing" it really made me laugh out loud...and I'm at work! LOL (again)!! Second, pork isn't red meat! I keep trying to explain this to you, but it's not sinking in. I miss you guys so much, and Lexapie does too!! I have to say I'm kind of jealous b/c I still just live in Landrum, and you live somewhere so awesome! Maybe one day I'll get to live somewhere awesome...oh wait people drive for hours to see the view I wake up to every morning. I guess I'm just slightly spoiled! Oh well, I still think it would be cool to live in a big city at some point. If we don't move soon it will probably never happen because in just a few years Alexa's school will be one of our top priorities. It's sad, I'm already thinking about preschool and where we need to build/buy a house b/c of elementary school. Oh well. We love you, and hope to see you soon! :) Maybe we can come out before you leave (I WISH!!)

Meredith said...

Love you guys! Glad you had a fun weekend! I know you just wanna pinch yourself sometimes, now that Sev is home! :)
Grandma got to keep Perrin yesterday, and Chris reluctantly held him for a bit. I think Chris was nervous. Sweet, huh?

Mrs. Mullen said...

**sigh** I know that bacon and ham are pork...but I dont eat that either, so its easier to just lump it all together as "red meat" as in "NO" "BAD"...I call turkey and chicken green meat ;)

Yes, we're all spoiled, we're Americans!!

Give lexa bug hugs for me :)

Autumn said... me your address please!!

Delighted* said...

me too!