Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Haven close to Heaven...

Literally, the 23rd floor is UP THERE!!

So this is the view of our kitchen/Living room...the front door is to the right of the fridge and the hall leads into our little bathroom to the left and our bedroom to the right.

Sorry its sideways...but this is our cute little kitchen.
Another kitchen/ living room shot. Our little fish, "punk"....not to REPLACE ALI but to subside my animal desire.
The view standing in our living room.
Its tiny but we're LOVING IT!!


Autumn said...

I love the must be amazing living on the 23rd floor! Hurry up and come home already, there is plenty of land here for both of you! I can't wait...we are going to have so much fun. Oh and believe me, while kids do break your heart sometimes, they are also the greatest joy a mother has! I know...there is nothing more blessed in my life right now. Love you!

Ron & Anne said...

Say, that’s pretty nice. Looks like your living in high cotton now. Well enjoy….

Meredith said...

Guess what? Your dog is in love with me. Mwahahahahaha! Nah, just kidding. You know Ali would love anyone who would love on him and feed him. I'm sure he will wag his little stub of a tail like crazy when he sees you. But until then, I sure am having fun being his foster parent! :) Thanks for allowing us to do this.