Thursday, October 18, 2007

Keeping my word

This was taken from our Lanai...its the Arizona Memorial, I think I have one of the BEST VIEWS for this!!
It's a bit hard to tell the size of this ship by the picture...but its the length of FOUR football fields!!! I woke up one morning and that thing was taking up what looked like ALL of pearl Harbor!!! It was filled to the BRIM with planes!! I thought it was so cool, a friend and I almost got the chance to tour it with some of the Navy boys on island, but it left a day before expected....Aircraft carries amaze me, I have no idea what keeps that thing from sinking!!
The cookies and cooler I put together for a few of sevs buddies, they had no one there to welcome them home so I wanted to make sure they knew I appreciated them!!

The view from our lanai looking to the left. Thats Aiea/Pearlridge/diamond head/ honolulu and waikiki youre looking at.
The view looking to the right. Ewa, Wainea, and Makakilo mtns. When you look straight out youre looking out over Pearl Harbor. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sail boats out on the water and the planes coming and going.

Did I mention we're on the 23rd floor of a high rise.
I'll post more later :-)


Ron said...

Hey all, Glad to see you out on the blogs. Say this is really a nice view from your place. Wish we were coming out to visit this year, well at least until I think about the loooooong flight. Take more pics of cool ships and post.

Autumn said...

I LOVE IT!! I am so excited that you are sharing your blog! :) The view is awesome...way better than the other apt. I wish Alexa and I could come visit...but I don't think that would be a fun flight for either one of us. Not to mention I really can't afford it at this point anyway. Oh well...maybe when she is older we can all take a vacation and go back! We love you and miss you both, hope to see you soon!

Meredith said...

It was sweet of you to take care of those boys who had no one to greet them.