Friday, October 26, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!!!


It's the start of Sevs THIRTY DAY LEAVE!!!! He just called and said he signed out and is on his way home!! NO WORK ALL PLAY :)

Last night he told me not to make ANY plans today. He said he was making plans and he even told me what to wear, lol. So I'm a bit excited.

I've first got to run to the gym. I'm having a fitness assessment today...I'm kind of excited to see where I stand, but kind of scared to see my stats (I've let a few bowls of ice cream and pizza slices slip into my diet since sev has been home!!). I really enjoy health and nutrition. I'm a bit jealous of my cousins degree in nutrition!! I think it would be SO neat to know exactly how our body works and what foods fuel it and make it run smoothly. I recently purchased the book "YOU on a diet"...sounds completely dumb I know...but its really interesting...its not actually about dieting, but about your body and how it works and uses the foods you choose to eat. I'm only on the 2nd chapter but I've already taken in some informative stuff.

So, sev should be home soon...I'll post more later (hopefully with some pretty pics of whatever plans he has for us tonight!!).


Ron said...

Cant wait to hear all about your adventures, be safe, dad

Delighted* said...

can't wait to hear all about it!

Haley said...

LINDS! I had no idea you had a blog!! I have been constantly thinking of you and Sev, and before, praying for his safe return! I am so glad he is home and life is back to "normal!" I am happy to hear y'all are doing well and hopefully I will see you when you make it back to the continental US! :)

Autumn said...

Hey Lou...I hope you had an awesome weekend! We miss you, and hope to see you soon! :)