Monday, October 29, 2007

Mellow Monday

I call this "Beauty in the eye of the beholder" hahaha: Kamehameha Hwy. on the East Coast (one of our favorite drives):

Driving along Pali Hwy.: Pretty Pali View:
Sevy and a chicken at the mac nut farm:
Us being us:
Sevy being sevy:

It was so nice waking up this morning to the sound of sev snoring and not the annoying screech of his alarm clock...the sun was making the ocean glitter and the sail boats were out and wasnt dark out and there was no sev bumping around in the dark asking me where something he misplaced was (boots, phone, socks, wallet...etc etc etc).

We ate a quick breakfast (oatmeal for me, frozen waffles for sev) and then headed out the door. We explored around our house for a bit and then headed across Pali Hwy. to Kailua. We rambled around Kaneohe and Kailua for a bit and then stopped in at a local cafe' to grab lunch. It was sooo yummy!! We will def. be taking his parents back there while they are out for their visit. We then took kamehameha hwy. towards the north shore. We visited a few beachs and then stopped at sevs favorite location (the Mac. nut farm)...he loves going there because they give you "samples" of their kona coffee, although he gets like 3 samples and pretty much makes himself an entire cup or two :) I munched on a few nuts and visited with a local artist. In the end I ended up scooping up two of his prints (he was very talented!!) and I'm excited to hang them in our house whenever we get back to SC.

We then continued on around the east side of the island and stopped to take pictures along the way. We visited one of our favorite beaches, across from Chinamans Hat Island. We used to take Ali to that beach and it made us both miss him :(

We made our way up to Kahuku and both decided that we NEEDED some Sweet Kahuku corn on the cob!! So we stopped at one of the local fruit and veggie stands on the side of the road and snatched up a few husks.

The rest of the drive was nice! The windows were down and the sun was sparkling on the water. We drove through Haliewa and then stopped by the grocery store to get some chicken to grill with our corn :)

We're back home relaxing...sev is getting ready for a run and I'm getting ready to head to the gym for a bit. Then we're back and grilling...**sigh** what a perfect ending to our night :)

Hmmmmmmmmmm soooo what should we do tomorrow :) (I'm LOVING sevs time off!!)


Delighted* said...

Ohhhhh, girl. That sweet corn... I had forgotten about that. Now I am salivating.

I know you guys miss Ali, and I know he will be thrilled to see you when you get back! Imagine how fast that little tail will wag! :)

Autumn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Now, when are you going to tell about your weekend adventure?? :)

We miss you so much! I wish you were going to be here to see Lex as a ladybug, it's just precious. I guess you will get to see some pics, but somehow it's just not the same. Love you!

Ron said...

I see in the pic that your giving all the sugar away. If you cant help your self at least save me some HUGS :)