Thursday, January 14, 2010

This may not last long

but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Okay, really quickly...because the above sentence made me think about this...Severyn loves to watch CMT. There is a show on CMT called "The singing bee" and we watch it on occasion. It's okay, not something I have to rush home to watch, but it's got it's funny moments. Anyhow, I LOVE how people mess the lyrics up on a song! It cracks me up! I laugh, because I do it too! I'm sure most everyone does. You're sitting in your car, the sun is shining, your windows are down and you're lost in the moment...belting out the lyrics to whatever song is on the radio (don't act like you've never done this!). So last night on the singing bee, a contestant was singing "Hit me with your best shot" but her version was "Hit me with your pet shark!". Wow. (I'm laughing now just remembering it) and then, when I think I'm finally finished laughing at pet shark contestant, another lyric crushing contestant sings "poop scoopin' boogie" to what I'm positive was suppose to be "boot scootin' boogie". **sigh** It's the little things that make me laugh.

Okay! On with the post!
So after I bellyached about how much I hated grocery shopping, I decided I needed to woman up and try a new tactic! (yes, this is what I'm saying may not last long..but whatever).
So after I made my post on grocery shopping, I went online and read a few cooking blogs, and then....I made a menu and grocery list!!
Tonight, we are having sweet & tangy roast, it's slowly simmering away in my crock-pot as I type this. I really do believe that the inventor of the slow cooker should win an award (heck, with the noble peace prize being handed out to just about anybody these days...I vote the next one going to Mr. or Ms. SlowCooker!ha! and come on, you can't tell me the slow cooker has not helped create peace among some families).
I hope I can keep this up.

So last night I got my grocery shopping done (oh and ps. I did get eggs and pie shells and I actually needed them! Go me!), I prepared my slow cooker meal for today and I decided to turn a tornado loose in my office. I am in the process of slowly pulling everything out of my office closet and going through every paper, file, box, drawer, rubbermaid container that I have. Remember, I am getting organized in 2010! The good news is, the closet is looking great! The bad news is, everything that was in the closet is now in piles on my floor! However, once again, I've been reading blogs and getting inspired. I'm also taking pictures along the way. I. Hate. Clutter.

I'll post updates along the way, we'll see how well I do at giving it my "pet shark"!


Meredith said...

Pet shark! Bahahaha!

And yes, I think Mrs. Slowcooker should win!

Too funny post, Linds!

The Dales said...

OMG! What is so hilarious about this post is how I remember you destroying lyrics to good songs when we were little. I wish, for the life of me, I could think of an example (because it was always HILARIOUS) but I can't. You always sang the song LOUD and with the wrong lyrics. Hahaha, thats hilarious! You always have a way to crack me up and I always have a way to make you _ _ _ your pants! HAHA!

Ok, so I am also glad you are making a quiche, the one I made was super easy and yummy!

See you soon, nut!

Mrs. Mullen said...
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Mrs. Mullen said...

haha-Steph I KNOW!
Just the other day I was telling mom about how when you and I were little grandma would take us to that icecream place (near the mall, do you remember? It had a circus theme) and they had a jukebox and I would always want to play the song "when a man loves a woman" ......which, is weird all on it's own b/c I was like, 8, lol.....but I used to think they were singing "when a man loves a woman he simply can not help it" this day, I still don't know the real lyrics.

Jackie said...

you crazy girls