Monday, January 11, 2010

I've got a feeling

That 2010 is going to be a crazy year!!

I am already loading my 2010 calendar up with events, I'm not sure I've ever had a year when my calendar filled up so quickly. I don't mind it. I like knowing, in advance, what I'm about to get in to.
Severyn and I spent last weekend in Rock Hill. One of my best friends, Kennedi, is getting married in October. We went wedding dress shopping on Saturday and had the best time. Kennedi's mother and I had lots of fun watching Kennedi try on different dresses. She is one of those girls that...well everything just looks good on her, so it was kind of like having a life sized doll to dress up, ha. Her mom and I picked out dress after dress and got to watch her model all of them. I took over 150 pictures (sorry I can't share any). We also picked out bridesmaid dresses and we found one of the prettiest dresses! I love it!
Sev and I also got some VERY EXCITING NEWS on Saturday, sadly I can not share it with the world just yet...but we are both soooo excited! It's an event that is also going to take up a few of our weekends this year.
We have a ski trip planned for February.
There is Valentines weekend, which is the weekend Sev and I like to set aside for us to celebrate the day he arrived home from Iraq and we started our life together as Mr. and Mrs.
I've got a weekend set aside for a trip to Charleston, I have yet to see Kelly and celebrate her engagement!! It's so hard, living apart from your friends. I guess, in a way, the military gave me the best experience with that, but it never makes it easy when your friends don't live in the same town.
I also, already, have two cakes scheduled for February.
I have a Church retreat planned for April. I'm very excited about this event.
A cake scheduled for April too!
In May Sev will finally get to attend his very first concert. We will be going to see, Carrie Underwood. ha. Sev kept mentioning that he wanted to see her in concert, so for Christmas I got him tickets. I was able to get Steph and Jon to agree to attend the event with us, I know it will make it that much more of an experience :)
We also have a Houston, TX trip planned for May. It's high time we got out there and saw Jessie and Don.
June, July and August will be "shower" months, cake months and maybe a little beach thrown in for good measure....oh and I'll be 27 (oh my gosh I just had to add up the years to see how old I was...I was certain I was turning 26...this is bad, I'm not even out of my 20's yet and I can't keep up with my age!!!) in August.
Sev's family will be gathering in CA for a family reunion during this time too, though Sev and I don't have plans to go...we will be on stand by that week. His mom will be riding in the 55th annual Tevis Cup race that week. She will trailer her horse, all the way across country, to participate in this race. It is the United States' most competitive endurance race. It's a huge event and our entire family is so proud and excited for Sue. She is an amazing endurance rider and this race is going to be her biggest ride yet.
Sev and I will celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary in September.
We have another trip planned to Houston that month as well.
I got the sweetest phone call this past Friday. It was for a September cake order, probably the earliest I've been contacted to schedule a birthday cake. Alexa called to inform me that she wanted a Dora birthday cake. She just wanted to book it in advance ;) She was beyond precious when she called and it still amazes me that she has such a great memory, I mean, how does a 3 year remember who made her birthday cake? crazy.
Sevy turns 28 in September.
I will also be attending a weekend away with Kennedi and her bridal party in September.
I have a tentative wedding cake scheduled for October, my fingers are crossed that I get the chance to make this cake, the bride has a very fun wedding reception planned and I'm dying to get the chance to design her cake. As long as her reception doesn't fall on the same weekend as Kennedi's wedding, this cake is on my schedule.
Which brings me to...Kennedi's wedding in October. I'm so excited to be a part of her big day, I know October will hold trips to Rock Hill and lots of exciting things that lead up to the day.
....Oh gosh...I'm stopping here. I realize I haven't even gotten to November, but this post is wearing me out, ha. I didn't even mention that every weekend that we don't have things planned, we'll for sure be out on the dirt bike trails!!!!

....if you got to the end of this post, well then bless your heart ;) I think I really just wrote it to get everything sorted and out of my head! It's going to be a busy, fun, exciting, fast year!

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Meredith said...

This is how I feel every year - haha!