Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love Letters

My heart skipped a beat yesterday when I began to sort through my daily stack of mail.
There was that familiar envelope.
The front was stamped "Message from you sponsored child".

I thought "I can't believe Iliana has written again so soon."
It wasn't from Iliana, it was from Love.

She had written the letter back at the end of October. It must have been sent out of Haiti before the earthquake (because no mail is going in or out of there right now) and been sitting in Denver (where the letters get processed) when the earthquake happened.
It was a mix of emotions, reading the letter.
I was happy to read her words, but I was also sad not knowing when/if I would get another letter. It is so weird, being so attached to someone I have never met.

Anyway, I thought I would share her sweet words:
(She does not write the letters herself, she is still too young. The first letter was actually written by her mom. I believe this letter was written by a Compassion staff member as Love told them what she wanted to say. Reminder: the letter is actually in French and another one of Compassions staff translates)

Woodshaina feels very glad to write you in Jesus name. She greets you and she asks you how you and your family are doing. She and her family are very fine. This year, she got in primary school and she's learning social science and applied science. She tells she's glad to receive your letters, you often write her, that makes her happy. She tells she likes dogs so much and she has a red dog, white forehead. She usually draws, where she lives is very nice, there are lots of trees and good wind. She tells that her mom teaches her how to pray and she knows Pslam 23. Do you know Psalm? Her friends at school are name Bivlive and Wanchise. She is praying so God blesses you, help her to pray for her school.
Woodshaina Love Joseph

Just re-writing the letter makes me smile and get a lump in my throat all over again.
Please remember to keep praying for Love, her family, friends and everyone in Haiti.


Haley said...

This just blesses my heart!!! The part I love the most is where she said that the place she lives is nice, it has lots of trees and good wind. The things that we all take for granted, are some of the best things in life for these precious children. Thanks so much for sharing, it really made my day!

Mrs. Mullen said...

Haley, I am so glad you enjoyed her letter! I too love where she wrote about where she lives. I also love how she says her favorite verse is Psalm 23. It amazes me how little these children have but how thankful they are and how they love Jesus. I just keep praying that I'll hear from her soon or at least hear that she is okay.