Friday, January 22, 2010

A Freezer Full of Deer Meat

I currently have a freezer full of deer meat.
No, my husband does not hunt.
No, I do not like deer meat.
No, I do not know anyone that lives near me that likes deer meat(besides the person that gave us the deer meat, and do you "return" something, some proud hunter, gave you?).
No, I do not want to waste.

I have been cleaning like mad, lately.
So of course my cleaning craze has led me to the fridge...and ultimately to the deer meat.
As I stand there, scratching my head and struggling to think of a good place for this meat, it hits me! Eureka! Grandma!
Grandma...well, for one, she can't taste, so she'll eat anything. However, even when she could taste, she would eat anything, lol. So I decided the deer meat was going to grandma.
Oh happy day! The deer meat has a home!
Here is the thing, my grandma, because she can't taste, likes to cook for everyone she knows.
If you know my grandma and you do not like deer meat.
Please do not come to me and complain that grandma fed you beef that did not taste exactly like beef. I have warned you.
I am making up for the time I didn't tell everyone that she was putting unmentionable chicken parts in her gravy ;-)

I have been obsessed with organizational products, information, ideas, blogs, and TV shows lately. It must be a sickness, but I was overjoyed when I found THIS blog entire blog about Rubbermaid. love it.


The Dales said...

Jonathan said just yesterday that he wondered how much you would charge to come organize our house...I was offended! :)

Meredith said...

Oh, what a good idea! I'll pay for your gas and time if you come do mine too! We need our garage and photos organized, please.

Jackie said...

You are funny but waaaaaaay obsessed.

Jackie said...

mental note.....don't eat at mom's if she says she is having beef.

Catherine Anne said...

I used to not eat it. Now we love it. Its clean and lean. Much better then store bought.

Autumn said...

So...we eat deer meat all the time! My dad makes the best burgers with it, and we put it in soup, and do steak and gravy with it...if Grandma's freezer is full you can take it to Landrum :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

Aud-You've never been "right", ha...j/k!

I have actually heard that it's a lean meat...I don't know, I just can't get bambi out of my head, lol.