Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Rambling...

I had a Eureka! moment yesterday. I feel so empowered by my discovery that I want to share it with the world...buttttt (ha, I know you hate me for it) I want to see if it works as well as I think it will. Stay tuned.

I'm not sure my heart can take looking at one more devastating picture from the earthquake that hit Haiti. This...will break any humans heart (yes, I'm saying if this does not break your have no heart....which would make you a freak!)

Like THESE people!!! Who need to obviously get a grip on LIFE! I can't believe what I was reading when I clicked on this news coverage link. I mean, I knew the world was going crazy...but not THAT crazy. Hello people!! I think they need to read the Bible and realize that putting stock in "Heaven" is far more "real" than that crazy "Pandora" land they are all engrossed with.
Oh and PS. Come on! that movie was lame!!.........really? depression? You're killing me here people.

I hate grocery shopping, I don't know why. I should be thankful that I don't have to spend a day in the woods, hunting down prey, cleaning the kill and then preserving the meat...just to eat. So while I'm thankful for grocery stores, I just don't like going to them. Maybe it's because they overwhelm me. Maybe it's because I'm the worlds worst at making a grocery list. It could also be that, on the rare occasion when I actually do make a list, I have a hard time following the list. I have to pick some groceries up today. Thanks to my cousin, Stephanie, I now know that I MUST HAVE pie shells and eggs because I'm craving quiche! However, for all I know I already have a box of frozen pie shells and more than a dozen eggs at home. All I really know is that I need milk. However, I'll end up kicking myself if I don't purchase pie shells and eggs and then find out I, in fact, DID need them! So, I'll get eggs and pie shells today and come home to find out that I, in fact, DID have some at home already!!**sigh** I wear myself out, lol.

There. That ends my random ramblings for today. Happy Wednesday!

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