Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Just some rambling, feel free to skip this post.

It has been COLD this week! My office is always freezing in the winter, but this week has just about been unbearable. I've had to keep my fuzzy, mountain hardware jacket on all week PLUS a space heater, turned on full blast, under my desk. It's cold! I don't mind cold weather, if it comes along with stuff to play know "snow"(okayyyy so I was really just hoping for a day off work). **sigh**

Sev and I actually went and saw the movie Avatar. Blah. I don't know what all the hype was/is about, that movie was WEIRD! I'm not much into sci-fi stuff, but I really wanted to see a movie in 3-D and Avatar was offering a 3-D version. Something about 12 foot tall, blue aliens falling in love just didn't do it for me. I was very glad that we were in a dark theatre after I turned and looked at Sev with his 3-D glasses on, it's def. a style that will never become fashionable. The 3-D wasn't even as cool as I had hoped it would be. Though, that might have been due to the fact that before the movie started, I used my index finger to push my glasses farther up on my nose...but instead of pushing on the plastic bridge of the glasses, I pushed on the actual lens...and left a lovely little finger print that refused to wipe off. So for most of the movie I had an annoying, blurry blob, that covered lots of the main actors faces. **sigh**

Sev and I rang in the new year at a friends house in St. Matthews, SC. I usually find myself falling asleep before the ball drops. I made it this year. Turns out I wasn't missing much all these years. One of my favorite New Years memories is actually from when I was younger and had decided to spend the night with my grandma that new years eve. I begged grandma to stay up with me until the ball dropped, I heard it was something spectacular, not to be missed! We managed to stay up, eyes glued to the TV, until midnight.....and then....nothing. No ball. Nothing. Turns out grandma had had the TV on the wrong channel. I missed the ball drop...for another year. **sigh**

I got a new pair of Dansko shoes for Christmas, this pair. I LOVE them! Though, I've never been one to really follow the fashion crowd. When I came back to work, after Christmas vacation, I was so excited to wear my new shoes. I walked into our warehouse and the first thing I hear is "girl, them shoes be lookin' like some sorta' bowling ball!" **sigh** Whatever. lol. Sadly, I'm afraid I'm going to have to retire my brown Danskos. I've had them since the 11th grade. They were probably my favorite shoe and probably still would be...if there wasn't a huge hole in the sole of them. Actually, the hole has gotten so bad that when I walk, the shoe sinks in at the heel and therefore they make me look like I'm trying to walk to the tune of "Lean back, Lean back". haha. **sigh**

It's friday!! Yipeeeee!!


Jonathan said...

Where's my video?!?!?!

The Dales said...

Bahahaha! "Lean back, lean back..." you know you're trying to be a sista and dance in your danskos! hehehe, that actually made me laugh out loud!

Autumn said...

Oh bless, I can so see you walking like that...and totally looking way too white while you are doing it.

Anonymous said...