Monday, November 09, 2009

Everything I know about El Salvador...

does not add up to much, that's for sure.
However, I'm slowly learning about the country and soaking in all of the information that I come across. It is where my sponsored child, Iliana, is from. I hope that it is a place I will get to visit one day.
Yesterday, 3 women from the "blogging world" left out on a trip to El Salvador with Compassion. Their mission, to blog about it. This is great news for me! I'll get to learn even more. I wanted to share the link, in case anyone that reads my blog, would like to follow along with the bloggers on their trip. I'm sure it will be very interesting. I'm excited for them to start posting! The link:
I know/pray that it will be life changing for them.
Before they left on Sunday, a hurricane ripped through El Salvador, killing 91 people. As of right now, those that sponsor children in El Salvador do not know what this means for our children. I would like to ask that you keep them in your prayers.

I thought it would be neat to just share a few facts about Iliana and the community she lives in:
* Average monthly family income is $91.
* The warmest month is actually March.
* The typical family home has dirt floors and tin/iron roofs.
* The main religion is Roman Catholic.
* The literacy rate is only 77% for females (compared to 99% for females here in the US).

Okay, that's it for now! Just thought I would share a bit of information about one of my sponsored children. I'm trying not to load my blog down with crazy thoughts, feelings, and posts about Compassion and my sponsored children, even though they are on my heart a LOT :)

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