Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Gum Thief,

If you had asked, I probably would have shared my gum with you.
Instead, you took it upon yourself to help yourself to 2 pieces of my eclipse gum while it was still on the shelf at walmart.
Me, being the naive (I prefer honest, but you might not know that word) person that I am have never thought to check the packages of gum, for missing pieces, before I purchased them.
Today you have taught me a lesson, from now on I will check the inside of my gum packaging for missing pieces that you may have decided to take.
I hope you step on a wad of chewed gum enjoyed the 16 cent worth of gum that I, unknowingly, purchased for you.
PS. I probably would have returned the package of gum to walmart, just to let them know about your sly tricks, I probably would have...if I had not had two cups of coffee and onions on my sandwich for lunch.

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Jackie said...

Theives, what will they stoop to next.