Monday, November 23, 2009

"welcome to 2009!!"

That was a text I got from my brother over the weekend.

Apparently, he thinks I'm still in the dinosaur age...because, well...**gasp** I JUST now got a blackberry! I know, I'm soooo behind the times. I just never really found much need for one. Honestly, I probably still don't need one...but MAN ARE THEY SOOOO COOL!! and if this brings me up to date, then HELLO 2009!'
I see now why many call it a crackberry, this thing is crazy addictive.

Sev and I spent the weekend at home. We need to do that from time to time you know...we burn the road up wayyyy more than we should. So this weekend we planned for a relaxing, do nothing but veg out, weekend.
Friday night Sev took me to see New Moon (YES don't roll your eyes, shake your head and say "bless her heart"...I KNOW! okay! I just can't help it!). Also, don't feel sorry for Sev...he won't tell you, but he likes it ;-) How do I know this??
Well, I'll tell you. After the lights had dimmed and the movie began to play...and girls began to scream when Edward made his first appearance (yeah, you can now roll your eyes) of the female actors came on screen and low and behold...a loan male in the audience let out one LOUD cat call. Seriously?? I was embarrassed for the poor soul that was his date...................that is until I realized that soul was ME and that man letting out the cat call (in the middle of the PACKED theatre, crammed to the brim with googly eyed teenyboppers and men half slumped down in their seats) was my husband!!!
If it wasn't a packed house, I would have moved seats.
The movie was just as I suspected (maybe it has to do with the fact that I read the books). I kept a clamped hand on Sev's knee, in case he felt the urge to embarrass me again and I needed to squeeze the life out of him. After the movie we headed home and passed out, like two old people (seriously, when did we get so boring?).

Saturday we slept in and didn't wake up until around 9am! It was GREAT! We worked around the house for a bit and then headed out the door for a Saturday drive (I don't know when that turned into a "fun" thing for us...I guess around the same time going to an 8pm movie and then coming home to sleep started sounding "fun").
We enjoyed a nice lunch and then headed over to Verizon to pick up our new blackberry's (yes, I realize I could just say "phone" but I'm still loving 2009!).
We met my parents at wild wing for dinner.
I don't remember much of the conversation at the dinner table, I had my nose down and eyes glued to the mini blackberry screen. I don't think I looked up until I received a text from my dad that said "come up for air linds!" oops...addictive I tell you!!
Sunday morning was dreary and wet, but we made our way to church and enjoyed fellowship with mom and dad. After church we parted ways and each headed home. I spent the rest of the day in the bed! I hope I'm not coming down with a cold...a scratchy throat and headache kept me snuggled up in bed, for fear that it would turn into something worse.
I feel a bit better today and I'm soooooo excited for a short work week!!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving....oh and if you go see New Moon and some man lets out a whistle, pleeasssse feel sorry for his date and DON'T turn her from embarrassment.


Meredith said...

Hahahaha. So sweet that he went with you!

Kelly Gukanovich said...

I LOVE IT! Oh Sevy!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-) I missss youuuu! Seriously, I need to see you asap. K thanks!

Keith said...

The blackberry chat thing is by far one of the coolest most under marketed features of the blackberry. Being able to send pics and voicenotes is pretty cool to me.

Mrs. Mullen said...

yes keith...I love those features :)
The whole thing just blows me away...I can't get over the fact that I can now surf the web, listen to music, write out my to-do list, have a chat w/ my peeps and answer the phone all at once! It's a crazy little device :)