Friday, November 13, 2009

"Here she goes again"

That was the first thing I could picture anyone that reads my blog saying (maybe silently and to yourself...but still thinking it), because I have been talking a lot about Compassion International lately.
Then I remembered that this was my blog and if it really bothers anyone, they don't have to read (I'm saying that nicely...not like some kid on the playground that pitches a fit when the other kids don't want to play with them,lol).
Guys, its crazy, but lately I can't get my heart strings away from thinking about the compassion children and my sponsored girls. I was emailing my best friend yesterday and telling her that I was even dreaming about them. These are kids I've never even met and one...I've never even heard from. However, they are constantly on my mind. I can't get enough information about them, I can't read enough about them, I can't talk enough about them (okay, well maybe you think I can, lol)...but it's something that is on my heart BIG time.
Whats even stranger...I am NOT a "kid" person!! Yet I keep looking at the pictures of the kids in poverty stricken countries and I want to take them all home!!
Something is moving my heart and I have a feeling it stems from the prayers I've been praying, asking God to give me his eyes, so I can really see what he sees, and not be blinded by my own ignorance.
A friend of mine, from back in my college days, posted on her facebook account that she and her husband decided to sponsor a child this week. My heart went straight through the roof. lol. I've. got. "it". bad. I couldn't help but rejoice, another child will have food every day and the best part...hear about Jesus and really get to KNOW him.
So, I realize I've been putting A LOT of links in my posts lately BUT will you please take the time to read this post by Shaun Groves:
He tells about the current situation in El Salvador, remember I was telling you about hurricane Ida in my last post. Well, it did some damage...a lot of damage....and Shaun is currently there (with the other bloggers) and he wrote about what he saw and is seeing. At the end of his post he gives a link where you can go and donate money to go into the disaster relief fund for El Salvador. If you feel moved to help but don't want to commit to actually sponsoring a child, maybe this is a way you can.

I also want to share two quotes from two of the bloggers recent posts:
The first one from Shaun Groves, he is telling the story about when he first became a sponsor and he says "It’s the story of one American who was rescued from his poverty by a little girl in El Salvador and given a purpose."
That is exactly how I feel, I feel a way...I've been rescued from poverty. I may have everything I need and more...but because of everything that I have, I sometimes find that I forget that all I need is God.
The second one is along the same lines, its from Kelly Stamps "Their smiles were so huge. It just shows me that material things mean nothing. Our joy can only come from God. And I have found that the poorest people of El Salvador are SO close to God - probably because He is ALL they have."
Just think about that.

I was going to apologize for going on and on and on about this...but I can't. I won't stop talking about this until God takes it off of my heart and says "Well done, good and faithful servant".


Meredith said...

I was going to tell you it's not coincidence that you're thinking so much about your girls, but in the last sentence you got it. God put it on your heart. There is no other explanation! I know He is so proud of you for following the dream He planted in your heart and soul.

Autumn said...

I am so proud of you!