Monday, December 22, 2008

Why won't it snow!?!?

It snowed in Las Vegas, it snowed in New Orleans and it snowed in Texas...why won't it snow here?? ................"I'm dreamiiiiing of a Whiiiiiiiite Christmas"..................................
I've decided I can not and will not live anywhere more south than I'm living now!!

Okay done with the rant.

So let me recap how our weekend before Christmas was spent. We attended Sev's company Christmas party Friday night. It was a nice little party. They served yummy food, there was dancing and even singing. It was the first time I was able to meet any of his co-workers and their spouses. Severyn really likes this one guy he works with, Bradley. So for the evening we pretty much conversed w/ Bradley and his wife, Jennifer. While we are standing around our little table, the topic of "what we all do for a living" comes up between the wives. We get to Jennifer and she tells us she is a nurse. She is actually a head nurse for a dialysis center. I'm not sure why we really got to talking about her job in particular but at one point she said something about having to take blood. I mentioned that I could NOT have her job b/c I pass out every, single, time I've ever attempted to have my blood taken. I don't know why, I just do. She was amazed by this. So she starts asking me why I think I pass out, was I afraid of needles, was it that I was afraid I would die from it...what exactly made me pass out. She then goes on to tell me IN DETAIL what she does. Now, I will admit I was pretty interested b/c having just got over a kidney infection, hearing about dialysis was actually something that I wanted to know I would be well informed on what I needed to do to take care of my kidneys and stay as far away from her work place as possible. So as she is talking IN DETAIL about her job all of a sudden everything goes black.
I start feeling yucky and chills run all over my body and I realize...I'm fainting.
Now...because they were serving adult beverages that evening all I could think was "Lindsey DO NOT pass out!!! Everyone will think you are drunk!!" (which by the way, even more hilarious...I had NOTHING but WATER to drink!!) So I try to calmly stagger away from the table and away from Severyns coworkers and away from the OWNER of Severyns company and I start to walk a VERY crooked path towards the ladies room. Jennifer, being ever so polite says "oh are you going to the bathroom, I'll go w/ you to find it." not knowing that I'm about to faint. As we walk she continues to talk....and I continue to stumble out into the hall. Finally I know the floor is a inevitable place and I collapse against the wall. I think I managed to say "I think I'm going to pass out." Jennifer ran off to get me water and the world spun as I lay on the floor in the lobby with my head between my knees. I see a pair of men's shoes come into focus and realize that some of Sev's very high up supervisors are walking towards this point all I can think its "dear lord, thank you, thank you for not letting me put "mullen" behind my name on this name tag." I know everyone thought I was beyond trashed and I was beyond words of explanation...I mean, how do you say "no sir I'm not drunk I'm just passing out b/c I can't talk about taking blood"....**sigh** So after I nod that I'm okay. Jennifer returns with a glass of water and Sev and I call it a night.
ps. so we can mark off "afraid of needles" because that is NOT what made me pass out.
Saturday Sevy and I cleaned our house...and I mean CLEANED. We went through our closet the better half of the morning. I sat in the floor and made sev try on ever single thing he owned (most of which was wadded up on the floor, below is row of empty hangers) we put away all of his summer clothes and took away everything that he no longer wears. Then we each opened one Christmas gift and ate lunch. Then Sevy played Wii while I continued to clean. We left for mexican and rented Hancock that evening. Sunday my brother-in-law, Don, came to spend the day w/ us. Jessie was in Spartanburg so he spent the day with us and we finally got to meet their new pup, Harper.
I work with some GREAT people and for a great Company. I'm not saying much about my new job because I don't want to jinx it. However, they really are great. So Sunday when Don rang our doorbell, the first words out of his mouth are "uhm, there is something bleeding on your door step."...WHAT...I rush out to look and sure enough there is a nice big Omaha Steaks package....clearly "bleeding" out the sides. Long story had been delivered OVER a week and a half ago. We never use our front door so we never knew it was sitting out there!! I called the company and they are actually going to send me some more steaks but man was that a nasty surprise!! ...and no I didn't faint when I saw the we can check "afraid of blood" off of my list. haha. My very sweet boss sent me steaks for Christmas. When I came in this morning I had a flower delivery, my other boss had sent me a Christmas arrangement!! How sweet :-)
Jessie and Don are staying the night w/ us tonight and then my Christmas vaca starts!! yipeee...

now if it would only snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mom said...

You are a nut just like your dear old mom. From now on when someone starts talking to you indepth about those kinds of topics just politely say we must change the topic or I will pass out. Needless to say you want win any friends or influence any people doing this but it should save you from having a rather large goose egg on your head from the fall.
Love ya lots. MOM

mom said...

oops! It should have said won't

Jackie said...

Three peas in a pod. I remember when your mom passed out after telling her my birthing experience with Meredith. You know Meredith does the same thing, what gene did you guys inherit?