Thursday, December 04, 2008

Deck the blog with a new update...

falalalala... :-)

Well, it's been awhile. I haven't been blogging...for good reasons!! My computer had a virus!!! I was to the point of tossing the stupid machine OUT THE WINDOW...when my dad came to the rescue. 8hrs later, a rebuilt hard drive...and my computer is up and running again :-) Thanks dad! I went without a computer for MONTHS, so I know all to well the sting of being without a computer!! NOT fun when you have one husband that HAS to do homework online and one wife that has to pay bills online!! Therefore, I REFUSE to get another virus!! Which in return means...I am VERY cautious as to what websites I visit and from whom I will receive emails from.
So, it's almost Christmas!!! We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Sevy's parents were in VA visiting with the Mullen side of the family.
I got the sweet news that my cousin moo is pregnant :-) and I got to spend time w/ my two FAVORITE munchkins...Alexa loodle and Perrin bug (they are the best...b/c I get to love all over them and then hand them back!!). Alexa is seriously the smartest kid I know!! She blows my mind. What two year old knows how to spell their name AND ride a tricycle (and I'm sure she can even do both at the same time)?? Crazy. Then Perrin bug is def. the cutest kid ever...seriously he should be a baby model. He also cracks me up!! def. 100% boy and FUN, if I could be promised all boys, I would actually have kids!! I rarely get to see either of the Thanksgiving vaca was a treat. Plus its always nice to see their moms too, haha.
Mom and I ventured out on black 4am!! Even though mom grumbled the entire time...I think she had fun :-) I know I did!!! I tried to explain the madness to dad...the best way to help him understand it was to compare it to wait in line and wait in line, much like you wait with your bait in the water and wait...and then the doors open and its a real rush running (and yes I actually RAN through target) to get the "prize"...just like its a rush to fight that fish and finally get it in the boat. I still don't think dad "got it"...but whatever, I'll probably do it again next in tow!!...oh and yes I got what I was "fishing" for, lol.
So...because I actually LIKE being organized and on top of things (contrary to my moms belief) I actually started Christmas shopping and WRAPPING!!! WEEKS ago!! I was sooo proud :-) I had a nice little pile of presents already wrapped and waiting to be place under the tree. I finished all of my wrapping last night. I do have a few more items to purchase...but those will be wrapped as soon as they make it home. I also got our Christmas cards and started working on those, they would be done, but sev likes to write his own little they are waiting on him :-)
So...I was so happy I actually knew what to buy for people this Christmas. I started making a list awhile back and started picking up the items as I ran across them. My mother...bless her heart...had a hair dryer from the 70's...possibly older. I honestly believe it could have belonged to my grandma!!! You know the kind, the ones that have to weigh around 20lbs, they are big and white, the sides are actually huge round things, and it looks much like a fan with a cylinder stuck on the side...they have one button usually in blue and red to show on/off. yeah...THATS what my mom was using. still blew hot air out...but can you imagine the electricity and fire hazard that thing must have used and been!! got the coolest, newest, lightest hairdryer for Christmas!!! Why am I telling you this? because when I realized the contraption my mother was using to dry her hair I said "oh mom, why do you have this and does it even still work??...a new hair dryer is what you NEED for Christmas." I was thrilled to find the gift mom would like and actually USE!! What does my MOTHER do....goes and gets herself one!! WHO DOES THAT!!! WHO BUYS themselves stuff right BEFORE Christmas!!!! I have a nice WRAPPED hairdryer and two short weeks to figure out what mom will get for Christmas...**Sigh**.
So..Sevy and I decided we will have a REAL Christmas tree this year. It is our first Christmas together, in our own home, with space for a full size Christmas tree. We have plans to pick our tree up this weekend and decorate :-) I'll take pics when we're done. As of right now...I have a wreath on my front door. However, I must say it is a pretty wreath!! Hand-made by my mom...if you need a wreath let me know and I'll get her to make one, shes actually really good at decorations!!!
Okay...I should get back to work, everyone in the office is getting sick and we're short handed!! Hopefully I'll be bit better w/ my blog for awhile :-)


Autumn said...

You are such a NUT! We had a great time with you over Thanksgiving too...we need to do it more often. When you are keeping Nan? I really don't know if you can handle her by yourself for a whole weekend...or night for that matter. LOL!

keith said...

Finally! Your back.

Jonathan said...

I'll be out next year on Black Friday again!! Maybe I'll see you again or we could plan it!


Jackie said...

Maybe you guys will invite me next year. Do you remember the year we were meeting at granma's in Fairforest and I got a speeding ticket at 5:00 am. YUK It was good to see you guys and I can't wait to see you at Christmas.

mom said...

OK, Where is the picture of the beautiful wreath I made for you guys. I want to see it hanging up on the front door. Love you lots.