Monday, December 08, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend

We spent some time with our friends in Rock Hill. We havent had the chance to visit with them in a couple of months now. Our time with them is always a fun and cherished. We left Rock Hill early Sunday morning, in time to make it back to Columbia and go Christmas tree shopping!!
I had finally decided to give in to my brain, even though my heart was very much against it, and get a artificial Christmas tree this year. For numerous reasons...some being, we have two dogs that know to potty outside and if we bring the outside might not be a good idea. Another reason...MAN Sakes alive...real Christmas tree prices are CRAZY!!! Plus the hassle of getting a tree stand, stringing the lights, the loose pine needles everywhere and the battle of crawling under the tree, trying to keep from squashing christmas presents while balancing a cup of water, just to keep the tree alive until all seemed just a bit much. So the moment I finally settled for a fake tree...Sev flat out refused to allow such a thing to take place. We would be having a live tree as long as he was a part of the family, and since I have no plans of getting rid of him, lol, we ended up getting a real live, wonderful smelling, pine needle dropping, water drinking, Christmas tree.
Sevy found a farm in Lexington, where you choose and cut your own tree. We set out Sunday on our hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Well, much to our disapointment...frasier furs do not grow any farther south than NC. If we were going to have a live Christmas tree, we were going to have the "right" kind of Christmas tree and not some sad looking, Christmas tree wanna-be, virginia pine. Therefore, we ended up picking out a already cut, brought in from NC, frasier fur. We did drive through the tree fields and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate...we just ended up coming back to the hut and getting our already cut tree.
We spent the better part of yesterday evening stringing lights on the tree and hanging ornaments. This is our first real live tree that we have picked out, purchased and decorated together since we've been married. We have the Army to thank for that ;-) It was alot of fun and I'm actually glad I let Sev remind me that I should always always always follow my heart. There is NOTHING that compares to the smell of a live christmas tree!!!! It isn't the most stylish Christmas tree but it proudly displays the handful of ornaments we've collected over our 4 years of marriage...and we LOVE it :-)
I will much as I love our tree...I will never have a tree that I love more than the tree my sweet daddy mailed to me last year, that one will always be number one in our hearts (see last years Christmas post).

I will take pictures and post them asap.

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Autumn said...

So glad you got your tree up...I totally agree there is nothing like a real tree! Mama has a really nice face tree, but it's just not the same. We are going to put up a mini real tree in Alexa's room, just for her!