Monday, December 15, 2008

What an exhausting weekend

I got a call from my dad on friday saying my grandmother was in the hospital. I had two hours of work left and dad said she was doing okay. I finished out my work day and then went home to throw some clothes in a bag and head to Spartanburg. First, I let Sev open one of his Christmas presents early. He had asked for the new Batman movie and I knew it would give him something to do while I was gone Friday evening, so I went ahead and let him open it. Then I think I drove 80 the entire way to the hospital. It still felt like it took forever and I was filled with worry and selfish sorrow. It's a sin to I really try hard not to. My mom reminds me that death is just a part of life. Everyone eventually goes and its something we have to be some what prepared for. I know this and my grandma is one of the lasts people I worry about when it comes to her after life, I know she'll be in Heaven and I know she'll probably have a ton of animals to keep her company until all of her family gets there. However, for selfish reasons I don't want to think about ever loosing my grandma. I am very close to her and I'm not sure what life would be like without her. So, I ended up spending Friday night in the hospital with my grandma. She was feeling better and seemed like herself, so that was a relief. The doctors are still not sure exactly what caused my Grandma to get sick, but they are doing some tests and hopefully she'll make a full recovery. She returned home Sunday. Saturday morning I was complaining about my kidneys hurting to Grandma and she made me promise I would go see a doctor. I honestly didn't think much of it, it wasn't horrible pain and I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to doctors (or maybe I'm just afraid they will try and take my blood!!!). To make Grandma happy I agreed to go. I left the hospital and went to the doctor. Come to find out, I have a kidney infection!! Yikes!! Not fun! I guess I'm glad I listened to my Grandma and Momma!! I'm on some meds and hopefully everything will be as good as new :) I left Saturday to come back to check on my dogs and husband :) I slept in most of Sunday morning and woke up around 12pm!! Sev and I ran to the mall (which was a DUMB idea only two weekends from Christmas!!) he HAD to have some pants!! Poor boy only had 1 good pair!! So we picked him up a couple pairs of pants and did some last bit Christmas shopping. I've been working with polymer clay to make some interesting beads and I think I made two last night before I passed out!! The weekend went by fast, as usual, but man did it wear me out!! We have two Christmas parties this week, one for each of our companies. That should be fun. Then we're going to have our Christmas on Saturday morning. We will leave next a week from tomorrow to head up the road to Inman to spend the Holidays with our families :) I love Christmas!!! Now if we can keep Grandma out of the hospital and my kidney infection goes away, everything should be merry and bright :)


Autumn said...

Glad you're doing better...I was worried about you. Hope we get to see you for a minute while you are here!

Jackie said...

Hey, I could try for another blockage????? Arne't we glad Grandma is better, it was scary.

Jackie said...
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