Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Boot Debate

I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of brown boots for...forever.
I'm not exaggerating either. I've really been on the hunt for forever.
Okay, well, it seems like might have only been a year or two.
I'm really funny about shoes.
You see, I have really big feet. So large, in fact, that most all shoes, regardless of how cute they appear to be on anyone else...turn into giant skis on my feet.
It's true, ask anyone that knows me.
Therefore, I do not own many pairs of shoes. The few shoes I do manage to run across, like and then purchase...end up staying with me for years and I tend to own several of the same pair of shoes, just in different colors.
The shoes on my feet now? Danskos...that I have proudly owned since my junior year.
My junior year in HIGH SCHOOL.

So it comes as no surprise that while I adore the boot look, I just can't find THE boots for me.
Here are a few of the boots that I've looked at, tried on, stuck my tongue out at, sighed because they cost way over my budget, turned my head sideways at and then ultimately decided against or put on my list of "maybe".

I like everything about these, except the funny little tie in the back. It's just weird.

I actually purchased these! Part of me thought they might be a bit too pointed, but I talked myself into them and took them home! That night, I got on skype with my cousin and the first thing she said? "WHAT have you got on your feet? Those things look huge!"
They went back the next day!
Pointed toe, OUT!

These look okay online, I'm just afraid that they will be too slouchy in person. Once again, they have a pointed toe.

These are the ones that I looked at, turned my head sideways and then thought better of. I'm glad I did, I showed them to a friend whose opinion I trust and she nixed them right off the bat! (and honestly, now that I look at them again, I'm embarrassed to say I considered them!)

I currently own these! Yep, I bought them on a presale from Belk's. I'm suppose to pick them up today. I still can't decide 100% if THESE are THE boots...but I thought I better buy them while they were on sale and then decide later. I just don't know if they are too clunky for the look I'm going for.

There are MANY more...many. many. many. more boots that I have looked at while on my hunt.
I don't know what it is about riding boots, but I really love them and I'm glad they are currently in style. I just hope I run across the pair that are meant for me.


The Dales said...

I also love the riding boot style. The ones you are going to get are super cute and the toe looks like it will be shorter. I bet you'll be super-cute in them!

Jackie said...

Are you sure the more pointed ones make your foot look big? I bet they are cute.