Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter Weather and Christmas Wish #2

I'm married to a weather man.

No he didn't major in meteorology (though, he decided last week that he wants to minor in that! HELP me Ronda!)

He is just REALLY into the weather.
Do you want to know what the temperature is in Algona, WA? Ask Sev.
Planning a trip to Chula Vista, CA? Sev's got your "what should I pack" covered!
Is it snowing in Billings, MT? ...Puuulease! He has that exact weather application on his phone! Watch out! (I hear you! and I have NO clue!)

He's obsessed.

So, when my weather man told me that it was looking like a white winter this year, I added the following to my Christmas wish list:

These aren't your typical rain boots, these are Hunter Boots and while they are an investment, they will last forever (read: possibly outlast the Dansko's I've had since my junior year!)
I NEED, MOM are you out there?!
These would be perfect for the winter weather Sev is sure we'll get.


The Dales said...

Aw, Sev is so funny! Jonathan also thinks he is a weatherman. I like the boots. You are tall enough to pull off tall boots with pants tucked in them, I am short enough to look like a dwarf if I wore them....oh well, I guess I'll just melt in the snow...that Sev says we;re getting! hehe!

Can't wait to see you guys (and not on Skype!)!

Kennedi said...

Hey!!! I want a pair of these too! I've been stalking them on ebay to see if I can get them for any cheaper than my arms and a leg... and a little of my other leg too!