Monday, November 22, 2010

...and then there were crumbs.

We celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend with my side of the family, therefore I ate way more than should be legal. We're talking turkey, two different potato dishes, casseroles, my favorite strawberry jello salad, rolls, mac and cheese, creamed corn, three different pies...and much more.

Today, I decided I needed to scale back at lunch, so I headed to Zaxby's for a simple salad. I found comfort in my plan to eat healthy the rest of the week, to offset the crazy amounts of food I've already consumed and will consume again with Severyn's side of the family this coming weekend. I drove away from the drive-thru with visions of crisp green lettuce leaves, ripe red tomatoes, carrot strips and grilled chicken. The ultimate "healthy" lunch. I felt the feeling of success!

I parked in my usual "lunch time parking spot" and cracked open a bottle of water while I dug my salad out of the bag.....

Guess what the lovely, obviously out to sabotage me, drive-thru attendant at Zaxby's gifted me with??

Curse it!
The cruelty of it all...

Excuse me while I lick chocolate off of my fingers.


Jackie said...

hahahahaha.....tell me you Loved my mac & Cheese

mom said...

oh well you know what dad says..... Fats where it's at. lol
Love ya,