Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wish List take 1

I realize this could look really tacky, putting my "Christmas wish list" up on my blog.
Then I remembered it's MY BLOG...and really, I just found the cutest thing that I need and I knew I would forget if I didn't post the link somewhere.

So, on my Christmas wish list, we have item number one:
Please do not think I would not drink out of this mug EVERY day.
Love it!!

and just a little something to show off my little Brussels Griffon....
The cutest pumpkin in the patch!!!

"It's tough being so cute guys, really it is!"


Nicole said...

super cute mug! And haha cute costume. My puppy is going to be a milk cow... but shhhh don't tell :) haha

keith said...
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keith said...

Before you and your cousin buy another outfit (See Ali as a pirate circa 2008), please read the article available here:

Jackie said...

My gosh girl, I would be afraid to drink from that $40 mug. But it is cute.