Thursday, September 09, 2010

What do you think?

Does it say "FALL"??

If I get a Starbucks gift card, I'm likely to use it on my favorite Starbucks beverage, pumpkin spice latte. If I drink a pumpkin spice latte I start to have dreams about leaves, scarves, boots and jackets. If I start to have dreams about leaves, scarves, boots and jackets I start to feel festive and if I start to feel festive, I might just have to paint my finger nails to match. If I paint my finger nails to match fall, it might lead me to paint my finger nails a brownish/copper color. If I paint my finger nails a brownish/copper color, I might decide that I should take a picture. If I take a picture, I might decide to post the picture on my blog and if I post the picture on my blog....I might look at the picture and think "oh my gosh, those are my MOTHERS HANDS!!"

It's starting to happen...I'm turning into my mother, only my mothers child would write a post to the beat of "if you give a mouse a cookie!".

It's almost fall!! I can feel it in the air, and even though it is 97 degrees today, I wore a crocheted, short sleeve, top to work today. Do you know who LOVES crocheted tops? My MOTHER!!

I can't believe another season is just about upon us! I'm still trying to savor the long summer nights, but I know, it's inevitable...fall will be here before we know it, just like I'll always be my mothers child.

**Edit to say: I have a wonderful mother =) So I can't complain, it just amazes me how I can see her in myself more and more...**


Meredith said...

As I was reading I was wondering if you knew that book or if it was an accident. :)

You have beautiful hands. Love the polish color!

The Dales said...

Those are your mothers hands? I don't see it. They aren't your dads either though. Whose are they?

The Dales said...

Oh and I love the polish, your fingers are so long they are almost out of the picture! Wish mine were long, mine are the shortest ever! My piano teacher used to tell me my hands were too small to play the piano. :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

Steph-Mom doesn't think that my hands look like her hands either, but I sooo think they look like her hands!
I think I'm liking this nail polish too! It's been on my hands for two full days and not ONE chip!
My piano teacher used to tell mom that I had perfect piano playing hands....then they would both glance over at me and sigh...I might have piano hands, but I never had the desire to play, lol.

mom said...

Ok let me remind you that it might be ok to be and look like your mother since a young male friend of yours thinks I look hot. LOL