Friday, September 24, 2010

He Had Good Intentions...

I adore him.
Seriously, I do. With every fiber in me, I simply adore him.

When it comes dinner time, Sev has basically been fending for himself this week (please see post below for reasoning).
However, on Monday I ran across this recipe. I LOVE my aunt Jackies meatloaf, therefore this recipe brought back memories and before I knew it, my mouth was watering.
I emailed the link to Sev.
On Tuesday I was sitting at work when I received a text that read "What is a broiler pan?"
Huh? ...thinking, thinking, thinking...OH!! He must be attempting the meatloaf!!!
I text back a brief description of a broiler pan and tell him where he can locate one in our kitchen.

Later on that day I receive another text, "Can I use wheat instead of white bread?"
Uhm..."Sure hun".

Bless him.

Later, another text "how about skim milk instead of whole??"
Sigh...."that would be fine hun".

and later "What is DRY MUSTARD??!!"
....oh good grief "just leave it out babe, don't worry about the mustard!"
..."hey, do you know where they keep the bacon at publix? I can't find it"
..."you didn't respond so I didn't get bacon"

I walked in the door after work and Severyn meets me with a smile.
"Hey babe! I made the meatloaf you wanted!! I was still confused about the broiler pan thing, and the ingredients wouldn't fit in a bread I improvised...oh and you never texted back about the bacon, so I left that out...but it smells good!"
He retrieves the "meatloaf" from the oven.
He had substituted the broiler pan for a cookie sheet and tinfoil.

I dubbed this creation "Meatpile"

He was right, it smelled good...


Sev served up the meat...
We sat down at the kitchen table and Sev was beaming.
"I cooked dinner honey! Aren't you proud!"
I smiled back "Yep, but uhm...what are we having with this meatloaf babe?"
I suggested "potatoes?"
"uhm, no"
I tried again "green beans!?"
I thought I would humor myself at this point "how about a can of peas!?"

We had meatloaf for dinner on Wednesday night. We had meatloaf with a side of meatloaf.


The Dales said...

Bahaha, he is so funny! You are so lucky he would even agree to try to do this though!

Mrs. Mullen said...

Oh, I agree...he really is a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

oh side dishes are over-rated! :)

Meredith said...

So, so precious. I can just see that goofy grin as he greeted you!

Jackie said...

Love that boy!

mom said...

That boy is just too sweet. He did a great job at attempting dinner without so much as a grumble. He is a keeper. Love him too. Wish he could teach your Dad to cook. Good luck on that one Sev.

camilyn said...


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Michelle said...

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