Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I really hate it when I do this...

and I do it often.....but sometime I just get in a blog funk.
I just don't feel like I have anything to blog about, worth talking about or the energy to even try.

August flew by! I turned 27 and now, tomorrow, I'll be 27 and one month old!

August was pretty much a blur.

I did birthday things, I planned a wedding shower for Kennedi, I rode my dirt bike, I painted airplanes on one of my favorite little boy's wall, I visited with family and friends and I made cakes!

So...pretty much...I did what I'm always doing and that's running all over the place.

This weekend is my wedding anniversary!! On September the 3rd, this coming Friday, I will have been married to Sevy for 6 years!! That just seems crazy to me, I don't feel like I've been married for six years. For six years I have:
* Fought the battle over the covers.
* Checked the toilet seat before sitting down during a middle of the night bathroom run.
* Fallen asleep to the sound of snoring.
* Washed clothes that I swear could not hold one more ounce of dirt.
* given over the command to the remote control.
* spent the majority of my time in the passenger seat of the car instead of behind the wheel.

and really, I don't mind any of those things. It's the price you pay for living with your best friend.


No really, Sev drives me crazy and it's no secret he can make me madder than a hornet...but when it comes right down to it, he's pretty much the one person, that I know, I can count on to pick me up when I feel down in the dumps and make me laugh harder than anyone I know. He is also one of the most patient men I know...and if you know me (at all) then you know I NEED someone with a lot of patience.

Six years ago...TODAY....actually, Sev took me to Fence (a little equestrian farm in NC) and we ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream, straight from the carton, on top of a little hill, over looking miles of trees and meadows. I picked Gerry Garcia Cherry flavor and didn't like the whole cherries that much, so instead I would suck the ice cream off of the cherries and when Sev wasn't looking I would dump the cherries into his carton.
Sweet of me, I know! ( I told you any man of mine would need patience!...not to sound like Shania Twain or anything)
In the middle of sucking ice cream off of cherry chunks and sneaking them into Sev's ice cream, Sev kindly informed me that I had a bug on my shirt and I should stand up to brush it off.........yep, that's the man I married!........basically, he wanted me to stand so that he could be on one knee when he asked me to marry him....and THAT was the best idea he could come up with. I'm happy to inform you that his creativity has not changed, one bit, over the past six years.

Tomorrow night, Sev has informed me that we have plans...he just won't tell me what the plans are. That's okay, if I know Sev we will end up doing exactly what I least expected us to do....and that is what makes our marriage so much fun.



The Dales said...

Y'all two are perfect...perfectly crazy...but perfectly fit for each other! We love you both!

I know where you are going and I am jealous!

Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest, craziest, fun loving couples. Love you guys much! AJ

Kennedi said...

Yay! Happy anniversary!!!! I'm so excited to hear all the sweet plans Sevy has up his sleeve for the two of you!!!

mom said...

A wise person once told me that if you can over look the quirks then you have a recipe for a marriage that works!!!!
Happy 6 year Anniversary!
I love you both, quirks and all. LOL

Anonymous said...

ok so I know I'm REALLY late on this but sorry, I got married on Sept 4th. That's funny, our birthdays are close together and apparently so are our wedding dates :) Congrats on being married 6 years!!!