Friday, September 10, 2010

And it was Good

I just polished off a chicken salad sandwich.

It's only 11:30am, my lunch is usually around 12:30pm, but I could not wait another minute.

Oh I will tell you.

It was no ordinary chicken salad sandwich, oh no.
This chicken salad sandwich was made by....

and it was was so gooood.

I was at Bi-Lo last week, preparing for our big labor day weekend ride, when there it entire refrigerated shelf full of Duke's sandwich salads! Oh yes. They had chicken, tuna, egg, and pimento! I tried to refrain from taking my arm and swiping the entire contents on the shelf into my buggy, it took some self control, but I left one container on the shelf.

I could barely stand the wait, the minute I walked in the house I made a bee line for the silverware drawer and peeled open a container of chicken salad. It was just as I suspected, perfection. I packed the cooler we were to take with us to durhamtown and secretly smiled to myself, I was going to be the envy of all! Everyone was going to want to be my lunch buddy...I had duke's!

After riding all morning Saturday, we returned to our cabin for lunch. I got my bread, paper towel, knife and went to get my Duke's, I couldn't wait to see the jealous faces!

Jonathan took one look at the container I was guarding holding and said "yeah man, Steph gets that stuff all of the time, it's so good!"


Apparently Bi-Lo has carried Duke's brand for some time now....Where have I been?? If you haven't enjoyed a Duke's salad sandwich before, try one, and if you have been living under a rock like I have, check your local can thank me later.


The Dales said...

Its so funny, I just saw it maybe 2 months ago and meant to tell you about it. I think its a pretty recent addition to BiLo. I thought about you when I saw it b/c of the pineapple one. They are de-lish but if those men are like Jonathan they weren't fighting you for chicken salad.

Meredith said...

We don't have it here. WAHHHH!

I laughed out loud at the vision of you swiping it all off with your arm.

Mrs. Mullen said...

UGH, Steph I can't believe you forgot to tell me! As soon as I saw them I thought of you, haha. My bi-lo doesn't have the pineapple one!!!! and THAT was the one I was realllllly wishing they had!! Yeah, Jon didn't want any, but Sev and Chris scarfed mine down when I wasn't looking!

Mer-sorry your bi-lo doesn't have any =( but maybe you can stock up on a cooler full next time you're in town =) It can be pricey, but they had BOGO when I was there.

The Dales said...

Oh, you need to get the pineapple one this weekend while you are in town. The BiLo in Lyman had it a few weeks ago! You always got that to go (after we ate our lunch) when we would go to the Duke's in Duncan...those were the days!

Meredith said...

Those WERE the days! We have no Bi-Lo, Linds. Yes, I need to stock up this weekend.