Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Some Stuff

Tell me that is not cute! That's little man, Ali. He likes to hide under beds and stick only his head (and tongue) out.

Currently I am:

* Uploading cake pictures to my cake blog!

* Hanging on to the last strands of my sanity!

* Drowning in boxes and packing materials.

* Getting sick and tired of looking for a place to call "home".

* Trying to be patient and understand that everything will come and happen when it's suppose to!

* Getting tired of people telling me to be patient, lol.

* Watching mindless TV shows (like Dancing with The Stars, that I'll admit I watched last night and lost 1hr of my life on) just to keep my mind from going crazy with planning...or not planning.

* Designing a cake for a 1 year old, the son of a SMC college friend.

* Going through my camera and uploading, deleting, and storing pictures...I think I just heard a "it's about time" somewhere in the distance.

Here is one of me and the only other female rider, Kellie:

Ohhhh and look at this one!! This is a perfect example of what my world currently looks like!!! (Disclaimer: No furry, long tongued, creatures were harmed in the taking of this photo).

Okay, that's enough random stuff for today!!
Happy Tuesday!!

oh and ps. I'm sick of hearing about the new health care bill...it makes me sad for America :(


Kelly Gukanovich said...

So good to see some pictures! P.S. I want to see Ali soon! Bring him when you visit! Tatum and him would have a blast together! I miss my bridesmaid!

The Dales said...

Love the few pis you posted! :) Glad Ali is ok and not lost or stuck in storage somewhere! Can't wait to see you at Easter! And what is even more sad, the people who stand behind and want this lovely health care bill... Love ya cuz!

The Dales said...