Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally Finished with another First

Sev and I sold our very first house today.
We started talking about putting our house on the market last fall.
We have known since we moved to Columbia that this was not "home". We were aware that the economy would not be in our favor and we thought it might be best if we put our house on the market before the whole "tax credit" program expired. We talked about how the house had a good chance of not selling and being on the market for quite some time. The holidays quickly came and we decided to put off listing our house until after the New Years. We met with the realtor, we had decided to use, on Tuesday, February the 9th and decided on a listing price. I was still unsure of everything, something was telling me to wait, so I asked him to leave the paper work and we would sign it and return it to him on Thursday.
On Wednesday we met Matt for a "welcome to SC" dinner. He told us he had been house hunting all day, was exhausted and had not found a thing.
Of course, the sales person in me jumped straight to "Well, Matt we're selling our house, why don't you check it out?"
I seriously did not expect anything, we were asking a price above what he wanted to spend and really...who gets that lucky?
He agreed to come by the house after dinner "just to see".
We came home and I put every bit of my marketing skills to use, really.
He left that night after asking if we would wait until Friday to list our house. Who wouldn't agree to that?
I can not even begin to explain the pins and needles I was on until Friday evening. Matt went house hunting all day Thursday and all day Friday. Friday evening he called me and asked if we would meet him for dinner, he wanted to let us know what he had decided.
Can you believe he made us wait until after the appetizer before he said "Hey, let's do this, I want to buy your house!"
I've heard there is no such thing as "luck" only "Gods plan in action" did he throw me for a complete loop, that was honestly the last thing I expected.
The following Monday we met and signed the contract.
I refused to tell anyone for fear that it was all too good to be true.

Severyn and I had no clue what to do! Our house was under contract and we had no idea what to do or where to go. We were one month away from being homeless! We fully expected the house to be on the market for awhile, but never for it to sell so quickly.
That's when I had a Eureka! moment...Matt was staying in a hotel until closing...but what if we let him move in with us? Then...when we closed, we could just stay with him until we found a place to go! This would buy us some more time to find a place and give us a month or two to save some money! Matt quickly agreed (who wants to live in a hotel??!!) and the plans were set. Matt moved in with us the week he signed the contract.

We closed on our house today at 2pm. Sev and I are no longer homeowners. We thought we wanted to jump straight into buying another house, but could not find anything that made us want to commit more years to living in Columbia. We are now looking to rent until Sev graduates and then....we'll decide where we want to call home.

We're excited, I was a little was our very first home! and I keep thinking about all of the fun I had decorating the house and making it into a home. However, I am very ready for the next chapter in our lives.

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The Browns said...

Congratulations on selling the house!

Find something to rent on this side of town!!!!