Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's been a while...

and I realize that. I actually started a few posts...they are in my drafts to prove it...but then I get distracted, or busy, or bored (it happens,ok) and I never finish them. Which is something I'm GREAT at (hey everyone needs to be good at SOMETHING!). So...forgive me.
Actually...my last post, in my drafts folder, is all about how I can never seem to accomplish anything....which includes the ending of that post, hence the reason you never read it ;)


I have been CRAZY BUSY lately. Please note: not just busy but crazy busy, there is a difference!
My house looks like a bomb exploded...and I'm not like my mother when I say that (mom says that when she has a small pile of laundry to put away and maybe a dish in the sink)...I'm being 100% serious, if anyone were to see my house I'm certain a team of search and rescue would be sent in to find missing people! Though, the only family member we have lost was Ali. I really panicked at one point and thought he may have gotten scooped up with the mounds of clothes and thrown into the laundry or tossed in a box along with items that were being donated. I found him outside, apparently someone had let him out and I didn't know it....there is no telling how long he was out there (another reason I don't have kids!).

Why am I on such a cleaning spree? Well, the main reason I'll share tomorrow. However, another reason would be the fact that I'm TIRED of JUNK! I HATE disorganization, it makes me cranky! I hate not being able to find things in my house! I hate things falling out of closets when I open doors (okay, it was never THAT bad...but to me, it was bad!). I start to panic when items are not where they belong. I am a firm believer that everything has a place and it drives me nuts if I don't have a place for something. I get all of this honest. My father is organized to a T and my mother...well, we joke that she keeps her home ready for Better Homes and Garden to come in and start snapping pictures.

Last Friday I pulled up to Goodwill (the location near my work has a drive up drop off!!! really cool and convenient) and unloaded a trunk load of stuff. It. felt. GREAT!
I have not had the urge to buy one item in the past month (or more). All I can see when I step into a store is JUNK.

I don't know how long this current attitude will last, I hope it lasts long enough to actually FINISH the entire organizing/cleaning/purging process!...but we know how that goes ;)

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Jackie said...

Well if you could have seen your mothers bedroom when she was young....it was a DISASTER!!!!! I guess my influence (Keeping my half of the room clean) helped her. BUT her messiness (is that a word) must have influenced me. We seem to have had a reversal of roles. ha ha ha