Monday, May 04, 2009

"Dad, why are you walking like an old man?"

Those are the words I spoke to dad after his first big ride a few weekends ago.
Those were the words I followed up with a laugh and some eye rolling.
Those are the words that dad responded to with "keep talking linds, just keeeep talking."
Those are the words I had to eat this past weekend.

Friday afternoon:
Me: "I can't wait to ride!!"
Dad: "You're going to learn what is like to use muscles you didnt even know you had!"
Me: "Right dad, right. No worries!! Tell you what...on Sunday I'll even wash your truck and moms hoopty (what we call her expedition) if you'll buy me a pair of riding boots!!"
Dad: "okay linds, deal."

We had the best time Saturday. Dad, Chris, Severyn and myself got up Saturday morning around 7am. We loaded up the trucks with bikes and gear. We stopped for gas, food and to fill the cooler up and then headed for the trails. I was lucky enough to have my dad for a riding partner. My brother rides a dirt bike much like a jack rabbit and Severyn was quick to follow in his tracks. I discovered I ride much like someone thats afraid of breaking bones, lol. It took a few minutes for me to get the hang of riding. I have respect for those that can ride faster than a snails pace. Luckily, my dad is pretty patient and a great teacher and before long I started feeling a little more "froggy" and started taking turns a little bit faster and a little bit harder (this is not to be confused with the way my brother rides, I will NEVER be that froggy!!haha). I was prepared to fall, I was even prepared to get hurt...but I was NOT prepared for the complete and total muscle exhaustion that comes along with riding. After a good while of riding I took a turn and took my first fall. It was more like, I took a turn and my body just gave up. I just laid it right over. My first battle wound was formed on my left elbow...not too bad. I jumped up, brushed it off and we took off. Not even a few hundred yards up the trail...another left turn...another lay down. Second battle wound to the left arm. My body was beyond tired. Lucky for dad knew the signs of exhaustion and suggested we rest. After a few short minutes I was feeling better and ready to go. The rest of the day went well. I improved a little and learned ALOT. I watched some very experienced and talented riders (my brother and dad being two of them) and saw some the CUTEST little kids, on the worlds SMALLEST little dirt bikes. Seriously, cute. One little dirt bike had TRAINING WHEELS on it!!! We even saw the worlds smallest, female, dirt bike rider...okay, so I don't know that for a fact...but she was sooooo tiny and couldn't have been over 5 or 6 years old. She was decked out in all pink riding gear and was just getting it on the trails. I was impressed...and lucky for my pride, I was at a stop, so she didn't pass me while riding ;-)
Later on in the evening we decided to go for one more loop before calling it a day. Chris and Severyn took off. Dad and I took off...but at much slower pace. Suddenly it began to rain. My goggles were covered in rain drops, I was once again at the point of complete muscle exhaustion and we were only about half way through the last loop. I took another left hand turn...and lost it. This time...a bit harder. I fell off the high side of the bike and took a little bounce before landing in the middle of the trail. Ouch. Its funny, but when you fall (or at least when I fall) the first thing I can think about is if the bike is okay. I scrambled to my feet and pushed the bike up. It was all I could do to hold the bike up while my dad came and got it back onto the trail and put the kick stand down. Man was I beat!! I was wet, I was covered in mud and I was BEAT!! We still had half the loop to go (about 5 or 6 miles) before we would be back to the truck. We got back on and started a much slower pace. I was at the point where I couldn't even stand up when we went over bumps. I just couldn't. I had no strength left in me. I was able to twist the throttle and keep it on the trail...but that was it. I don't remember a time that I've ever felt like my body was that useless. We made it back to the truck safe and sound. I was drenched, I was muddy, I was exhausted and I had the best time EVER!!! We rode 44.7 miles.

I was prepared for the dirt.
I was prepared for a fall.
I was NOT prepared for the screaming muscles the day after.

Sunday morning:
Dad: "Lindsey, why are you walking like an old lady?"

PS. I DID manage to wash both moms expedition AND dads truck on Sunday!!


Jackie said...

Oh that sounds like fun. I want to get a bike but then I don't want to EVER break any of my body parts again EVER!!!! If your mom would I would though.

Mrs. Mullen said...

Oh it was fun!! I can't wait to go again. Good luck talking mom into getting one!! After she and dad had that little spill that left her with a broken hand...she refuses to even talk about getting back on one, much less get one and ride her own!! Shes a pansy :) I suppose if I broke a bone I wouldn't be so quick to jump back into riding either...though Chris who knows.

Jackie said...

I sort of wish she would get one. OF course as slow as I would probably drive it someone could run faster than I would drive. You know Old bones don't heal as fast or as easy as you young ones.

The Dales said...

Hm...the body aching and exhaustion sounds much like delivering a baby but its actually worse...

I bet you had fun though! It'll get easier I bet!

Meredith said...

I loved, loved reading this!

Steph, that is what I was thinking... that I'll be feeling that exhaustion in a little over 2 months.

Meredith said...

And I forgot to say that I felt like I could actually hear your dad's voice with the, "Keeeeep talking, Linds, keeeeep talking."

Ron said...

Fun?...Its addictive, there’s nothing like it. It’s a physical and mental endurance challenge you don’t mind doing over and over again.
However though, was it mentioned that it’s also dusty, dirty and muddy? So beware if a little dirt on you is going to ruin your day. hehe
Lind's is one tough moto rider. She was all smiles and I could hardly get her to leave at the end of the day. They say she's a lot like her dad...hehe and I say that's a goooood thing.

Jackie said...

It is a good thing! I love how you play together.