Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been saying I would post pics for a longgggg time...but I haven't....but now I am :) However, this creates a very random post, with a bunch of random pictures. I'm sorry for the randomness...but really, what else would you expect from ME?!! Enjoy...or don't, I'm just clearing my conscious and posting pics like I said I would, hehe.

These are from the circus...if you remember wayyyy back when, for Valentines day, Sevy got me tickets to the circus. It was a lovely date night, that I posted about...well...heres some of the pics:

This guy was on a motorcycle, on a high wire, balanced by a girl swinging below him!!:

The cute mini horses doing fancy little tricks.

Pretty picture I took on one of our many random drives on a sunday afternoon:

Me and my Mommy :) On our wild girls weekend on the coast (excuse the wild, wind blown hair!!):

Little Sevy posing for a picture...don't worry, he DOESNT ride w/out a helmet!!:

Sorry...but this is the only picture I have right now from my wedding cupcake cake...its the cake topper. It is ivory with a white cross and flowers. I made the cross out of gum paste and royal icing, then glued little sugar pearls around the edges of the cross, one little pearl at a time :) When mom sends the finished picutres, I'll share:

MY BATTLE WOUNDS!!! This was from the first ride, a couple days after the ride:

OUCH :(...hehe, but really it wasn't as bad as it looks:

Last Sunday, getting ready to ride in Swansea at Palmetto Motorsports Track:

So I live with a really big kid...I like to call him a tornado on two legs, or a Tasmanian devil, or just plain WILD. I love him to pieces, I really do...but he is ROUGH on our house...he's def. all boy. Anyways, he has a bad habit of PLOPPING down on the couch from a standing position. Our poor couch just gave up one day and the supporting bars gave out...from that day forward if you sat on our couch...the couch literally sucked you in!!! It was reallllllllly embarrassing and annoying. So while sevy took a nap on Saturday after he went fishing and before dinner, I decided to perform surgery on our couch and fix the sucker!!! I took a mid-picture...but forgot to take an after. I will say that it was a success and our couch came out of surgery with 100% recovery!!! I flipped it over, performed a small incision in the bottom fabric and then purchased a 2x4 to replace the broken support boards. Cut the boards to size and drilled those puppies in!!! wala...a new couch :)

The underside of the couch, during surgery:

The end.
I told you...reallllllllllly random :)
I'm on jury duty allllllllll week, yes...feel bad for me!!! haha.


The Dales said...

Please tell me you got a paper!?!? If not so you think I could call the State and see if they have any still from Sunday? She'll die if I don't get one!

Jackie said...

Ok, so maybe I don't want a bike. You just amaze me,is there anything you can't do, fix, make. Paper?? what for? Love AJ

Meredith said...

The cake topper looks beautiful.

mom said...

Well,you certainly inherited the Nail genes. The couch reminds me of the story papa and G'ma told about them wanting a chair but couldn't afford one so the cut a couch into two pieces to make their own. (It didn't work but..) Now that one went down in the record books of funny things young married couples do!!!!I love it that you are just like them. DETERMINED!!!!!